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When you open the door to Melander’s and look at the splendor of the flowers, you may not realize that this is Stockholm’s oldest flower shop and one of Sweden’s oldest that’s still running. The sisters Valborg and Signe Melander started the store in 1894 in the newly built house on Hamngatan 2, next door to Hallwyl House.

The current owner, David, believes it’s important to preserve the feel of a long-established business. The sign outside the door is listed as a historic landmark, and there are no refrigerators in the shop interior so that a visit to Melanders will remain an experience. ‘The store has an aura; this is real Stockholm culture,’ says David, who has been running Melander’s flowers for six years.

The store is not only traditional, but it also has a Royal warrant of appointment. This means, among other things, that one delivers flowers to many ‘royal’ activities such as the Royal Dramatic Theater and the Royal Academy of Music. The exclusive clientele requires an assortment of very high-quality flowers, and the staff has special expertise. The goal is to provide all customers, large and small, a royal service. All customers are equally important, whether it’s a banquet for Nobel laureates or a private customer who wants a simple bouquet of tulips.

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In the lovely fragrant shop, there is not only a sea of beautiful flowers but also pots, vases, and ornaments. These are also hand-picked, often handmade, and of the highest quality. Quality is, like service, one of the business’ keywords. They work actively to buy sustainable products, Fair Trade plants, and recycle, for example, baskets and pots after the plants have withered.

It’s the Royal service, high quality, and personal treatment that make Melander’s flowers such a popular shop. David believes that this is what makes you survive as a store owner in a time when you can buy almost everything online without talking to a single person. We focus on quality over quantity and on becoming a little better every day, and we love flowers, he says, and holds out a bouquet of absolutely wonderful anemones.

Melander’s flowers are connected to Interflora, and it’s possible to order flower deliveries, bridal bouquets, and arrangements for parties and mourning. Anyone looking for something extraordinary for their wedding can get help with all kinds of flower decorations; it’s Melander’s specialty. Pop in next time you’re in the area around Hamngatan. We can almost promise that you will come out with a paper package with Melander’s well-known logo under your arm!

Welcome to Melanders Blommor!

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Stockholm's oldest flower shop

Royal service, quality and treatment

Extraordinary range of plants and cutting-edge expertise



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