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Juvelia is a goldsmith that for over 20 years has enhanced the jewelry industry with the jewelry of your dreams. The company focuses mainly on tennis bracelets, engagement rings, wedding rings, and diamond jewelry, all of which are well-crafted by skilled goldsmiths and jewelers. Don’t hesitate to book a personal meeting with one of Juvelia’s experts at Convendum’s premises at the MOOD gallery in the city center.

A piece of jewelry can be so much more than just a beautiful accessory. The right jewelry tells a story. It creates and collects memories. And at its best, it’s an investment that will not only adorn its wearer today but for generations to come. Creating just that story, that memory – that’s exactly what Juvelia does.

Juvelia is run by Jonas Löfblad, whose father founded the company 35 years ago. Back then it was all about buying and selling scrap gold, which slowly but surely evolved into a complete jewelry workshop with both in-house production and carefully selected jewelry purchases.

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Today, two designers and a goldsmith produce the engagement or wedding ring you’ve always dreamed of. The rings are made from scratch with hand-cut stones from Antwerp and are ready within three to four weeks. Before proposals, Juvelia also lends rings – ideal for those who don’t want to choose the wrong ring.

Has the big question been asked? Ordering and buying an engagement ring is a special thing for most people. The wedding ring – the ring of rings – is perhaps a notch higher. At Juvelia, you’re welcome to sit down in their showroom to try it on, and bounce ideas and thoughts off the experts on hand who will offer professional tips and taste advice – why not over a cup of coffee? The range of stylish solitaires and wedding bands is vast, as is that of smooth rings for men. Complement your wedding ring with the engagement ring, and find the right material, diamond, or gemstone and setting.

Thinking of designing the ring yourself – no problem! Here the process is allowed to take as long as it takes. Once you have an idea, the ring is drawn in 3D in a CAD program, which Juvelia was the first in Sweden to do. A wax model is then produced so that you, the customer, can try it on and make final changes. The goldsmith then casts the ring and the jeweler sets the diamonds by hand. The craftsmanship is of the highest quality and the rings are produced within three to four weeks.

In addition to rings, Juvelia has for many years specialized in tennis bracelets – this timeless dream jewelry that is as elegant as it is feminine and fashionable. Since the beginning of 2018, Juvelia has been working with Italy’s leading supplier of tennis bracelets, which guarantees good mechanics of the clasp, gold, and lock, as well as the highest standard of diamond settings. Here too, your personal preferences are a crucial element. Choose from black diamonds, blue/pink sapphires, and rubies.

The rest of the range consists mainly of bracelets, diamond earrings, solitaires, and wedding rings, but you’ll also find pearl necklaces and cufflinks in silver and white gold. Perfect when you want to treat yourself to something extra, or give as a christening or graduation present, an anniversary gift, Valentine’s Day gift, or as a morning gift.

As well as making jewelry, Juvelia also polishes your used rings and bracelets and reviews the settings. The idea of sustainability, that jewelry should live on generation after generation, permeates the entire business. Something that is also reflected in the offer to borrow rings with synthetic stones for the proposal. Perhaps proposing in Thailand and then coming home to create the rings of love together?

Let Juvelia create your or your loved one’s personalized jewelry – jewelry that will carry messages, create history and brighten lives.

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