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Gallerian – Stockholm’s most iconic shopping mall and meeting place

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In the heart of Stockholm, you will find Gallerian, Stockholm’s first shopping center. Today it is known as an iconic shopping destination and meeting place with millions of visitors every year. Here you will find everything under one roof: flagship stores, street food, fine dining, cafés, rooftop bars, and Ikea. The idea is for the Gallerian to be an urban and vibrant meeting place where fun, work, and experiences are delivered from morning to evening.

Enjoy the wide range of shopping, have a good lunch or dinner, and sip cocktails in the rooftop bars. Located in the heart of Stockholm, Gallerian is a modern shopping center and a meeting place where things are always happening. In addition to the exciting range of eateries and shops, the new large Ikea store makes it possible to look at and buy furniture and interior decoration in the middle of the city.


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In 1976, Gallerian opened its doors at Hamngatan 37. Stockholm’s first Galleria saw the light of day and is now known as an iconic shopping destination and meeting place for Stockholmers and tourists worldwide. Today there are 52 shops, 31 restaurants, cafés, and bars serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, from street food to fine dining. The mall offers experiences from morning to night. Fill your day with shopping from Swedish and international brands, unwind with a spa treatment, and finish with dinner at Bastard Burgers or Il Molo, then top it off with a drink in the rooftop bars 14 floors up. Extend the evening with after-work, clubbing, and partying, or check into the lifestyle hotels At Six or Hobo.

As you can see, Gallerian is much more than just a shopping center. It’s a hub for shopping, dining, experiencing, and socializing with millions of visitors each year.

We became early a meeting place for Stockholm’s subcultures. This is a place that has played a big role for many who have grown up in the city, an open place that has welcomed everyone, says Sandra Vanneque, Marketing Manager for Gallerian and Urban Escape, and continues:

– Although we have moved on and evolved, it is something we carry with us. We want to be a dynamic meeting place and a hub where work, play, and life meet in new experiences every day.

The recent major redevelopment of Gallerian is now complete and is part of the development of the new Urban Escape city district. The idea is to link the Gallerian with the rest of the district to contribute to a more vibrant and attractive city center. The 130,000 m² site, in the heart of the city, includes four streets, two squares, six office buildings, and two international hotels, which together form what is known as Urban Escape.

Inside Gallerian, a new upper floor has been built and the interior has been updated with contrasting facades, lighting, and greenery. The ambition was to create an inspiring outdoor experience with a mix of authentic materials and urban elements that tie in with the history of the North Forge. It also added spaces for socializing and meeting, including cozy conservatories.

The store range has been expanded to include both Swedish and international brands. New Gallerian and Urban Escape are home to a number of popular shops and brands such as Nike Store, World of Toys, Vete-Katten, Bastard Burgers, Stockholm under Stjärnorna, TAK, Hotel At Six, Hobo, and many more.

Nowadays, there is even an Ikea department store inside the mall! On the three floors, you’ll find lots of nice interior design items and household goods. If you’re looking for a larger piece of furniture, such as a sofa, you can try it out here and have it shipped to your home. Perfect for those who don’t have the time or opportunity to go to one of the big Ikea stores in the suburbs.

Extended opening hours and a doubling of the restaurant selection have made Nya Gallerian a destination for dining and socializing. Sit down at Regeringsgatan 21 or The Fishery and the Farm Family or explore the entrance at Brunkebergstorg where a dozen restaurants have joined forces to establish a new restaurant cluster in the city with menus from morning to late evening.

During the spring of 2023, Gallerian was awarded Best Commercial Space in the Nordic region (and Sweden) in the NCSC “Commercial Space of the Year” competition.

– The mall is a food destination. Here you can learn to love – or continue to loathe – coriander, discover a new cuisine, or taste delicious wines. There’s breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee, afternoon tea, after work, dinner, and parties, says Sandra Vanneque.

Come by and experience the gallery of galleries!

Welcome to Gallerian!

Top 3 reasons to visit

Many great flag ship stores and restaurants

Rooftop bars with magnificent view of Stockholm

An international award-winning shopping center in the heart of the City



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