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Västerlånggatan 42, Old Town
Österlånggatan 41, Old Town
Östgötagatan 66, Södermalm
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Escape room games in Stockholm – think, cooperate, play!

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Sharpen your creative thinking at Exit Games Stockholm while having fun and laughs with friends, family or colleagues in one of the city’s more unique environments.

Exit Games is pretty basic: you’re trapped in a room and have to solve tricky puzzles in order to escape. Sounds easy? Well, maybe. How does rescuing a crazy grandma from a kidnapping sound to you? Or escaping from a prison cell? If these adventures are your perfect idea of fun then Exit Room is the place for you.

Exit Room allows 2-6 players, depending on which task you choose, and it’s hard to describe the games without revealing its secrets – but that’s the point, right? The less you know the more exciting the game becomes. Here’s a hint: imagine an old analog TV game where you move to a new level with the help of various tools. But you’re doing it live.

The games fit anyone with a playful mind, from teenagers to your old auntie. The staff is super friendly, helpful, and keen to make sure you’re comfortable and having fun. The games originated in Hungary, where the live escape room trend started about 10 years ago. Since then it’s spread like wildfire all over the world and is now available in all major cities. Here in Stockholm, Exit Games has been around since the spring of 2015 and has three locations; two in Old Town and one in Södermalm.

Exit Games Stockholm is open all year round. If you want to avoid the crowds head over during the daytime – and it’s best to book ahead.

Welcome to Exit Games!

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Have fun with your friends, family or colleagues

Maximize your adrenaline

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Monday 10.30 am – 8 pm
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