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Elite Marina Tower – hotel, restaurant, and spa in a beautiful mill building

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The magnificent hotel Elite Marina Tower is situated right by the waterfront at Saltsjöqvarn. It offers everything from luxurious hotel rooms to good food and relaxation in the hotel’s own spa.

Elite Marina Tower is part of the hotel chain Elite Hotels, which consists of over 40 different hotels around Sweden. All Elite hotels have their own personal touch, perhaps especially Marina Tower. Despite its central location, the hotel offers an archipelago feel overlooking the water with just a few meters to the quay. The old red brick mill building in which the hotel is located stands out with its architecture and is very beautiful, especially at night when the facade is lit.

Marina Tower has its own bar and restaurant, SQ, which serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner to hotel guests. The restaurant is also popular with other guests who do not stay at the hotel but just come here to enjoy the good food. At the bar, guests can have a drink before or after dinner and on weekends DJ Kenny Black plays vinyl records here, which always creates a great atmosphere. Many guests stay on in the bar after eating to socialize, play board games and enjoy tasty drinks.

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​In addition to the restaurant, the hotel also has its own spa, Sturebadet Marina Tower. It offers various treatments, spa rituals, pools, saunas, and gyms. A specialty of the spa is the Hamam ritual. Hamam, meaning “to warm”, is a Turkish ritual that involves using steam to soften skin, loosen endorphins, and warm muscles. Also included is a lovely foam massage where foam and hot water are poured over your body. You can also relax in the steamer or dry sauna, jacuzzi, and hot pools. 

Elite Hotels has a unique history and origin. It all started with a man named Bicky, who came to Sweden as an exchange student from India in the 50s. After a while, he realized that the student accommodations were unused during the summer and began to convert them into a guest house during that period of the year. He did this in collaboration with the Stockholm Student Union. The project grew and after a while, Bicky was able to buy a student residence that was completely converted into a hotel. Because of this background, all existing Elite Hotels are city hotels and can only be found in inner cities.

Although Marina Tower, like the rest of Elite Hotels, is very central in Stockholm, there is still peace and quiet around the place. Saltsjöqvarn is not surrounded by the stress that can be felt in downtown Stockholm and this is one of the things guests appreciate most about the hotel. It creates an opportunity to get away, but at the same time not travel far, it takes for example only 15 minutes by boat from Nybroplan and Strandvägen to Saltsjöqvarn. Other things that are much appreciated by the guests are good service and excellent staff. They contribute to a homely, familiar, and welcoming feeling in the hotel. 

Marine Tower is a popular hotel that is visited by many different types of people. During the summer and school holidays, many families come here and during the weekday there are many conference guests. Marina Tower is also the perfect place for a staycation and in recent years the number of people who do not come from far away has also increased. 

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Top 3 reasons to visit

Excellent location by the waterfront at Saltsjöqvarn

Popular restaurant with great food & drinks

Fantastic service and attentive staff



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