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City Optik – Stockholm’s best looking eyewear shop delivers

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City Optik has a well-deserved reputation. In recent years, they have twice been named Sweden’s best eyewear store and are often mentioned as a place worth visiting.

The shelves are filled with the latest eyewear from well-known brands. Currently, the most popular are Chloé, Tom Ford, Oliver Peoples, and Chanel. Independent brands such as British Linda Farrow, Savile Row, and Japanese Masunaga are attracting eyewear connoisseurs from all over the world to the store.

You can tell that City Optik’s ambition is to be Stockholm’s best optician, the kind you want to recommend to a friend. “We want to have Stockholm’s largest and best selection of stylish frames. In our workshop, we grind the glasses quickly, and in some cases, the glasses can be ready within an hour,” says owner Åsa Vikström.

Whether you’re looking for eyeglasses or not, the store itself is well worth a visit. Maybe sit down in a classy velvet armchair and seek inspiration for the latest eye fashion?

Welcome to City Optik!

Top 3 reasons to visit

Great selection of trendy eyewear

First class service and friendly staff

Very stylish and inspiring eyewear store

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City Optik – Stockholm’s best-looking eyewear shop

What do Oliver People, Tom Ford, and Savile Row have in common? City Optik, of course! Welcome to Stockholm’s best-looking eyewear shop.

Let’s start with a well-deserved humble brag: Already in 2013, this eyewear mecca was named Sweden’s best optics store. The statement was: “City Optik is a store where creativity, individuality, service, and caring are at focus – a shop where they always give a little extra.”

In 2018 they once again became Sweden’s best store, and in 2019 they took the silver spot. This excellent reputation is supported by knowledgeable staff, a beautiful shop, and a well-sorted selection. The store can be found on Drottninggatan 80 in Stockholm’s Norrmalm, where it’s been located since 1938.

“In total, we’re 8 to 10 talented women where half the gang has more than 20 years of experience. We really like our glasses. And I’ve run Sweden’s only blog about glasses for 10-12 years where I report about fashion and trends,” says Åsa Vikström, owner, optician, and webmaster at City Optik.

The shelves are filled with the latest brand frames where the most popular at the moment are top brands such as Chloé, Tom Ford, Oliver Peoples, and Chanel as well as less-known brands like Swedish Oscar Magnusson and Japanese Masunaga. These two brands can only be found at City Optik.

The store is continuously receiving new frames, most of them in October and February. The current trends, when it comes to frames for women, are glamour and more glamour. Think the 70’s, big frames, metal, preferably glittering materials, and slightly tinted glasses. Another trend that is selling well is the pale, transparent frames.

For men, the trends haven’t moved as much. Their favorites are still the classic Oliver People frame, round frames with turtle patterns, soft shapes, and transparent. A natural contrast to the robust, dark frames that have been around for a while. Another trend that dominates is the photochromatic, color-changing glasses.

“What you should think of is to find a style where something happens when you put on your glasses. That you find that attitude that you envisioned, that lift. You become happy when you wear them. Usually, you notice directly when the customer puts on the frames – both the customer and I see that something happens. Everything falls into place,” says Åsa.

And if contrary to expectation, it’s a pair of frames that you for some reason regret, you can return them within one month. You can also borrow 2 or 3 frames, take them home and really try them out. Another advantage is that City Optik’s workshop is also in the shop, which makes it possible to get your glasses adjusted and ready fast, sometimes within just an hour.

City Optik aims to be Stockholm’s best optician, the kind you would recommend to a good friend. Their work is guided by words such as inspiration, feeling, quality, knowledge, warmth, and joy.

And whether you look for eyewear or not, City Optik is worth a visit for the store itself. It’s beautifully decorated with colored velvet furniture and sober tones – the result of an owner with a passion for interior design. Tourists often gather outside the shop window. Besides the tourists, there’s a mixed customer base: many city people in their 40-50s who are amazed by the carefully selected assortment of stylish eyeglasses.



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