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Drottninggatan, Klarabergsgatan 50, Norrmalm/City
Hornstull, Hornsgatan 180, Södermalm
Kungsholmen, Scheelegatan 20, Kungsholmen
Mood, Norrlandsgatan 13, Norrmalm/City
Odenplan, Odengatan 60, Vasastan
Rörstrand, Rörstrandsgatan 19, Vasastan
Skanstull, Ölandsgatan 45, Södermalm
Stadion, Valhallavägen 113, Östermalm
Östermalm, Östermalmstorg 5, Östermalm
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Brödernas – Premium burgers wherever you are in Stockholm

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Brödernas offers really good hamburgers of the highest quality at several locations around Stockholm, but also elsewhere in Sweden. Here you can enjoy everything from lunch and dinner to delicious drinks and ice cream for dessert.

In 2018, the restaurant chain Brödernas was founded by Joakim and Jonas Wiklander. The Wiklander brothers both have extensive experience in the restaurant world and they proved to be right on target with their new concept. Brödernas has become a success and an obvious regular hangout for burger lovers of all ages.

The menu offers a wide range of first-class burgers and there is something for every taste. Classic options such as cheeseburgers and original burgers are very popular with customers, but Brödernas also offers chicken burgers, halloumi burgers, and their own Vegan Beyond burgers. These fully vegan burgers are available with a variety of toppings and exciting flavors. Beyond-Burgers are made from Brödernas plant-beef which looks, cooks, and tastes just like meat.

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In addition to the burger, you can choose from a variety of toppings. Fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings, and salad are just some of the accompaniments served by Brödernas. If you want a little extra, you can also choose to order your fries with melted cheese on top. For dessert, there are many different types of ice cream sundaes, as well as vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate-flavored milkshakes.

The chefs at Brödernas focus a lot on the taste and the quality of the burgers, which is highly appreciated by the guests, and the most common compliment that the staff gets is that they serve really tasty burgers. The aspiration for Brödernas to be associated with really good burgers has permeated the whole chain from the start and was the main goal of the Wiklander brothers when they opened.

Brödernas attracts people of all ages and from all walks of life, but the restaurants are particularly popular with the younger crowd. Groups of friends and families are among the most common. The restaurants are cozily decorated with atmospheric lighting, making Brödernas the perfect place for groups to celebrate special occasions, such as birthdays.

Most of the restaurants in the chain are similar and offer the same things, but there is one venue that stands out a bit, the Brödernas located in Östermalm. If you’ve been to Brödernas before, you’ll recognize the decor and the menu, but the atmosphere changes in the evenings and at weekends. Then there’s a festive bar scene in the restaurant, perfect for an AW with colleagues or a nice evening with friends. The bar menu offers a variety of drinks and something for everyone.

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Top 3 reasons to visit

Tasty quality burgers in stylish premises

High availability with restaurants all over Sweden

A wide range of burgers with something for everyone



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Title Address Description
Brödernas Drottninggatan
Klarabergsgatan 50, 111 21 Stockholm, Sverige

Klarabergsgatan 50
111 21 Stockholm

Brödernas Hornstull
Hornsgatan 180, 117 34 Stockholm, Sverige

Hornsgatan 180
117 34 Stockholm

Brödernas Kungsholmen
Scheelegatan 20, 112 27 Stockholm, Sverige

Scheelegatan 20
112 23 Stockholm

Brödernas Mood
Norrlandsgatan 13, 111 43 Stockholm, Sverige

Norrlandsgatan 13
111 43 Stockholm

Brödernas Odenplan
Odengatan 60, 113 22 Stockholm, Sverige

Odengatan 60
113 22 Stockholm

Brödernas Rörstrand
Rörstrandsgatan 19, 113 41 Stockholm, Sverige

Rörstrandsgatan 19
113 41 Stockholm

Brödernas Skanstull
Ölandsgatan 45, 116 63 Stockholm, Sverige

Ölandsgatan 45
116 63 Stockholm

Brödernas Stadion
Valhallavägen 113, 115 51 Stockholm, Sverige

Valhallavägen 113
115 51 Stockholm

Brödernas Östermalm
Östermalmstorg 5, 114 42 Stockholm, Sverige

Östermalmstorg 5
114 42 Stockholm