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Avicii Experience – an interactive music experience for music lovers and Avicii fans

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At 350 square meters in central Stockholm, the newly opened Avicii Experience showcases an exhibition about – and a tribute to – the Swedish superstar Tim ’Avicii’ Bergling. Step into the world of music and follow Avicii’s journey from the young boy’s room in Östermalm to his home in the Hollywood Hills!

The Avicii interactive tribute exhibition is filled with memorabilia, a replica of Tim’s room from his childhood home, recording studios, and much, much more. Avicii Experience visitors can follow Tim’s development from a music-loving teenager to a celebrated megastar on the contemporary dance music scene. In addition to personal belongings and photos, the exhibition features newly produced films, interviews with musicians and artists who knew Avicii as well as lots of music, both older and previously unreleased.

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The large exposition has been created by Pophouse Entertainment, who also owns and runs Abba The Museum and Space in Stockholm, in collaboration with Tim Bergling’s family and colleagues. Avicii Experience is a part of Space, a digital culture center and a physical meeting place for gaming, music, content creation, and digital know-how. Seven floors in the fifth Hötorgshuset contain exhibition premises, over 400 playing stations, cafés, and a restaurant. Here, courses are conducted aiming to make digital creation accessible to young girls and boys, regardless of background, as well as promoting skills development in IT and digital technology.

Avicii’s music production focused on creativity and exploration and it is possible for the visitor to participate in this particular process. Read, learn, interact and take part in the creative process in the spirit of Avicii! On the exhibition’s touchscreens you can, among other things, make your own mix of Levels with different effects and sound loops.

Tim ’Avicii’ Bergling quickly became one of the most influential artists, songwriters, and producers of our time. However, the success was not only positive, the fame came with a cost, both mentally and physically. In April 2018, he was found dead, only 28 years old had he taken his own life. This difficult and dark part of Avicii’s history is also recognized, and parts of the ticket revenue and sales of merch in the shop go to the Tim Bergling Foundation.

The Tim Bergling Foundation works to acknowledge suicide as a global health problem and to eliminate the stigma of suicide and mental illness.

However, Avicii Experience is first and foremost an exciting and life-affirming tribute to a great artist, his work, and the joy of the music. Set aside plenty of time for the visit and enjoy being a part of the creativity, music, and creative force. For those who want to stay here longer, there is both a café AFK and the restaurant Fat Cat as well as the museum shop Market in Space premises. Here, Avicii fans will find their fill of pleasure when it comes to stylish t-shirts, caps, and more.

Welcome to Avicii Experience!

Top 3 reasons to visit

Meet Avicii – one of the greatest Swedish music creators of our time

Explore the world of music and create your own mixes

Experience one of Sweden's newest interactive museums

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Every day 10 am – 6 pm

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