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ABBA The Museum – an interactive experience about the legendary ABBA

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Who hasn’t danced to Dancing Queen, Waterloo, Knowing Me Knowing You, Mamma Mia, or any other of ABBA’s classic songs? Today, ABBA is Sweden’s most successful music export of all time and has given us a fantastic song catalog. And now you can relive them at ABBA The Museum in Djurgården – an interactive museum with many amazing experiences. Join a journey from 1982 to today, filled with the best music.

ABBA The Museum opened in 2013, and since then, a lot of people have come here, both Swedes and international ABBA fans. And whether you love ABBA or just like music in general, the museum won’t disappoint you. It’s far from an ordinary museum that you can look at in peace from a distance. Instead, your whole mind is involved in an interactive exhibition where you, as a visitor, create the content. Get ready for a fun, colorful, interactive, and epic experience.

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In addition to a classic exhibition with the band’s interesting memorabilia, you can listen to the band members’ own stories and memories from their careers. Agnetha, Anni-Frid, Björn, and Benny have recorded the soundtracks that describe their journey themselves. A journey that no other artist in Swedish music history can match.

ABBA The Museum mixes well between a classic exhibition and active participation. You can watch the band’s stage costumes, album covers, and props in peace or listen to the iconic music. But you can also participate yourself by being part of creating the entertainment. How about becoming the fifth band member and standing on the stage with the band’s avatars, taking pictures with ABBA, or seeing what you would look like in the band’s swinging, colorful, and typical costumes? The Polar studio, which was built solely for ABBA (and where all the magic was created), has also been recreated, and the instruments in the studio are original.

As you move through the museum, you get to follow a chronological journey through albums, Eurovision, musicals, and films. The band themselves have recorded the Swedish and English soundtracks in the museum’s popular audio guides that you can listen to during the visit. The guides are also available in ten other languages.

Since pretty much everyone has heard ABBA’s music, the museum is excellent for both families with children, groups of friends, and team-building with your colleagues at work. You don’t have to be a big ABBA fan to appreciate the museum (but if you are, hurry here immediately!); you’ll still get a nice nostalgia trip. Everyone recognizes the classic songs that topped the charts, and everyone can sing along to the lyrics. Who knows – you might become a super fan after the visit? Or do you find some old-time favorite hits for your gym playlist or songs that the kids want to hear on repeat?

Only pre-purchased tickets apply, and you buy them on the website. Make sure to set aside a couple of hours so that you can enjoy not only the content but also have time to create it. Charge your mobile so you can take photos and film as your friends or family members sing and dance on stage with the realistic ABBA avatars or try out virtual costumes. Also, don’t forget to take photo proof of who actually won the ABBA quiz.

In 2021, ABBA The Museum won Trip Advisors Travelers’ Choice Award, and it was well deserved. It’s a unique experience that you must not miss, whether you’re a big fan, a dancing queen, or just want to be able to say thank you for the music. Before you leave the museum, a visit to the museum’s shop is also recommended, where you can buy all kinds of ABBA souvenirs – t-shirts, socks, vinyl records, tote bags, posters, and much more.

Welcome to ABBA The Museum!

Top 3 reasons to visit

Become the fifth member of ABBA - a unique experience!

Music and memorabilia in a wonderful and interactive mix

The audio guides where the band members themselves tell about their careers

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