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Step into the world of fairy tales and experience magic. Junibacken offers theater, song, and stories for both youngsters and adults.

Last updated: August 25, 2021

Junibacken is centrally located on Djurgården with beautiful views of Stockholm and Nybroviken. Junibacken opened its doors in 1996 following an initiative by Staffan Götestam (Swedish actor, director, etc.). As a kid, he thought museums were quite boring, and therefore he wanted to create something playful and interactive – a cultural house for children where the world of fairy tales comes to life through song and theater.

Today it’s a well-visited experience house for the little ones with playful exhibitions, children’s books, and theater performances. The name comes from the home of Astrid Lindgren’s children’s book character Madicken.

Children’s literature is the very heart of Junibacken and the goal is to awaken children’s desire to read.

Children’s literature is the very heart of Junibacken. Here you’ll find Sweden’s largest children’s bookstore with a wide selection of children’s books, from Astrid Lindgren’s beloved classics to newly written favorites. Many titles are also translated into languages other than Swedish. The main goal of the cultural house is to awaken children’s desire to read by illustrating and making the stories come alive in everything from singing and theater to reading aloud and playful activities.

“It’s so important to give children stories. This is how we relate to other people, learn about source criticism, and create a relationship with life. We believe in the power of storytelling – both creating and sharing stories,” says Linn Bäckman, content manager at Junibacken’s marketing department.

The most popular activity is the Story Train, where you can go on a magical journey and visit Madicken, Emil, Ronja Rövardotter, and many other fairy tale favorites. The Story Train is the last text Astrid Lindgren wrote, and during the journey, it’s her voice you hear in the speakers.

The children’s bookstore at Junibacken

Junibacken has Swedens largest children’s bookstore

The settings are built in three dimensions, according to Marit Törnqvist’s illustrations, with the help of Sweden’s leading scenographers – a process that took more than two years to complete. With detailed and handmade dolls and landscapes, sounds, and lights, a beautiful and somewhat sad fairytale world is painted. The ride itself takes about 15 minutes, and sometimes it can be a good idea to hold an adult’s hand as the rat in Nils Karlsson Pyssling, and the dragon Katla can be a bit scary.

Other popular activities are to check out Villa Villekulla, the home of Pippi Longstocking, visit the Storybook Square where you can say hi to the Moomins, or ride a slide and balance on a mushroom in Junibacken’s garden. You can also visit Barbro Lindgren’s fairy tale world and greet characters such as Loranga, Max, Wild baby, and Dollan. Here’s something fun to do for everyone, regardless of preferences.

It’s so important to give children stories. This is how we relate to other people, learn about source criticism, and create a relationship with life.

– Linn Bäckman –

You can also enjoy Astrid Lindgren’s fairytale world in the form of theater. If you dare – go for the musical ‘The Monster and the people – a cozy evening for the whole family.’ For the youngest, there’s ‘Max’ drama,’ a baby theater based on Barbro Lindgren’s picture books about Max, or ‘Bom sicka bom,’ children’s rhythmics based on Astrid Lindgren’s beloved songs. Tuesday to Thursday, it’s a bit quieter at Junibacken and thus a perfect opportunity for the people on parental leave to go exploring in peace.

Junibacken children Stockholm

If you’re hungry after all the adventures, you can get your share of meatballs and pancakes in Junibacken’s restaurant and, at the same time, enjoy Stockholm’s most beautiful view. Seasonal ingredients, vegetarian, and sustainability are the keywords – not to mention good food, of course! There’s also a master baker here who makes bread, buns, and cakes. Besides, you can rent Junibacken’s banquet hall for various events such as weddings and birthdays, company kickoffs, and family gatherings.

Astrid Lindgren is just as relevant to the children as she is to the parents. Her books have touched people all over the world, and few people are as timelessly loved as the Swedish author.

“I think she is such a popular phenomenon because she is always on the children’s side. She stands up for the little person,” says Linn.

Sponsored article in collaboration with Junibacken.

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