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Nytorget 6 – great food and friendly atmosphere in Södermalm from morning to late night

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Right next to Nytorget’s park, you’ll find Stockholm’s most swinging and happiest neighborhood restaurant that stands out with its generous opening hours. Something is always happening here, from morning to evening. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served, and when the other restaurants are closed for the evening, the night continues at Nytorget 6.

The menu is described as ‘inclusive gastronomy. Here you’ll find everything from simple dishes such as omelets and meatballs to more daring flavor surprises. The kitchen is open late, and after 11 pm, there’s also a night menu. Behind the bar, which focuses a lot on cocktails, skilled bartenders make simple, quick, and fresh drinks for the guests.

Joy is the keyword, and whether you come here to eat or want to drink and socialize, you are met by positive, knowledgeable, and committed staff whose enthusiasm rubs off and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Nytorget 6 is a true neighborhood restaurant and popular among local regulars, restaurant people, hipsters, Södermalm celebrities, and everyone else who wants good food, fantastic drinks, and a great hangout.

Welcome to Nytorget 6!

Top 3 reasons to visit

Fun drink list with fantastic cocktails mixed by professional bartenders

Really good food for everyone, regardless of the time of day

The welcoming, happy and swingin' atmosphere!

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Nytorget 6 – happy neighborhood restaurant that’s swingin’ from morning to evening

In the area around Nytorget in Södermalm, there are many choices if you want to eat and drink and socialize. It’s also here, right next to the park, that you’ll find Stockholm’s most swinging neighborhood restaurant, Nytorget 6, which stands out with its generous opening hours.

It’s always something going on here, from morning to evening. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served and when the other restaurants are closed for the evening, the night continues at Nytorget 6. The kitchen is open late and you can order dinner until 11 pm. After that, there’s a night menu.

The bar puts a lot of effort into their cocktails. Great bartenders work here, and plenty of time has been spent developing an excellent drink menu. The menu itself looks almost like a manual, and there’s, of course, a thought behind.

“We don’t make drinks to make some bartenders feel cool, but we make drinks for the guest. It should be simple, neat, and fresh,” says Eric (‘Esset’) Sandberg, who is the bar manager.

Late evenings from Wednesday to Sunday, DJ’s play music, and during these nights you’ll also see the disco ball spinning.
“You should be a little surprised when you walk by after midnight when the rest of the area is a bit dead because then it’s really swinging here,” says Elin Jönegård, restaurant manager.

Nytorget 6 is a warm and welcoming neighborhood restaurant where people primarily come to hang out, but that doesn’t mean that the food isn’t top class. Chef Fredrik Larsson describes the kitchen as ‘inclusive gastronomy.’ There’s something for everyone on the menu – both the most sophisticated food hipster and those who just need to get a quick bite to eat. You can enjoy everything from meatballs and omelets to more daring dishes.

“People come here to have fun and socialize; it’s usually not the food that’s in focus. But we want the guest to be surprised, and when they leave, they should think ‘damn, this was good!’,” says Fredrik.

The menu changes regularly and is characterized by seasonal ingredients. To think sustainably and minimizing the amount of food that has to be thrown away goes without saying. The kitchen focuses on the details, and above all, the vegetables are in the spotlight.

“We cook what we think is damn good. We don’t exclude anything and get inspiration from everywhere,” continues Fredrik. He has worked in restaurants in Asia, the USA, Spain, and Paris, and also been part of the Swedish Culinary Team.

After many years in the kitchen abroad, he gained lots of experience to bring home. Both in terms of the cooking itself, but perhaps primarily how he wants the kitchen staff to work together.

“There is a tradition of yelling and screaming in restaurant kitchens, and no one really knows why. I don’t believe in it. Everything works better if you have fun at work,” says Fredrik.

Solid experience, great commitment, and knowing the importance of good teamwork characterize everyone who works here.

“We’re a tight group. Here you work in a place, not a station. It’s not strictly divided who does what. Sometimes it’s the chef who serves the food to the guests,” Fredrik continues.

The pleasure of working rubs off on the guests, and the atmosphere is familiar and cheerful. Nytorget 6 is a lively and happy neighborhood restaurant where restaurant people, hipsters, local regulars, and a lot of Södermalm celebrities come to eat, drink, and socialize.

“People often come here to have a drink together. Then they get a little hungry and order something to eat and the evening often ends with them trying this and that from the menu,” says Elin.

The happy and swinging concept works excellently, and Nytorget 6 is a big favorite among many people. So if you want to make sure that you don’t miss a wonderful evening with great food, fantastic drinks, and a wonderful hangout, we recommend that you book a table in advance.



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Opening Hours

Monday 11 am –  12 am
Tuesday 11 am – 12 am
Wednesday 11 am – 12 am
Thursday 11 am – 1 am
Friday 11 am – 1 am
Saturday 11 am – 1 am
Sunday 11 am – 1 am

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