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Vegetables neatly lined up in wooden cases and colorful cheese, deli meat and seafood signs over counters filled with delicacies. Before you’ve even enter the restaurant, Urban Deli has kicked off the pleasant food experience you’re about to have.

Last updatedLast updated: August 25, 2021

Urban Deli opened its first combined restaurant, food market and store with relaxed atmosphere at Nytorget in Sofo 2009.

“We asked ourselves why it’s so boring to shop for food, but so fun to eat out,” says Jesper Weidlitz, CEO and one of the founders. He tells that they wanted to create an atmosphere where both parts are just as fun, where you can have a glass of wine and enjoy a good dinner while composing the shopping list, and buy milk or other local produced groceries on your way out.

Urban Deli welcomes everyone to their combined restaurants, grocery stores, food markets, and bars at Sveavägen, Nytorget and in Sickla.
A couple of years after Nytorget it was time for Sickla to get an Urban Deli. At this location they also opened a food lab that makes sausage, herring, sauces and ready-made meals that make it even easier to eat good restaurant food at home. Sveavägen opened in the fall, 2015, with hotel, lounge, food studio, meeting rooms, and a rooftop park.

On Sveavägen 44 you can start every day of the week with a delicious breakfast – French rolls, chia puddings, croissants, eggs, coconut porridge, fresh berries and coffee from Kersh coffee rostery-house on Värmdö (island outside of Stockholm). Then feel free to stay and work for a while in the MRKT lounge. Urban Deli Sveavägen is also the perfect venue for a conference. Besides three meeting rooms there is a food studio where you can have meetings, mingles, events, private dinners with hired chef, and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Urban Deli Stockholm

We asked ourselves why it’s so boring to shop for food, but so fun to eat out

– Jesper Weidlitz, CEO –

During the restaurant’s lunch, a standing dish on the menu is Urban Deli’s fish casserole with today’s selection of fish and clams, served with aioli and croutons. During the hours before dinner is served, you’re welcome to the food market for a deli meat tray with antipasti and Urban Deli’s own wines. Buy delicious cheeses, tapenade, salads, oysters, crabs and lobster from there, and then everything between vegetables, flowers and ready-made meals cooked on fine ingredients in the grocery store.

From 5 pm the dinner menu is served. Bring good company and share a meat plateau with the evening’s selection of fine meat and sausages, the season’s primeurs, French fries, Urban Deli’s Béarnaise sauce, and red wine sauce.

Urban Deli Sveavägen
End the evening in Urban Deli’s rooftop park on the 9th floor. Here you can not only enjoy a glass of cava and tasty snacks, but also the stunning views of Stockholm’s rooftops. Or check in at the lean luxury Hotel With Urban Deli and sleep well in a pleasantly quiet room below ground level.

And when you’ve experienced Urban Deli Sveavägen, from hotel to rooftop park, Jesper recommends you to visit Sickla and Nytorget as well:

“All Urban Delis has different chefs that interpret the same concept.”

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