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The Swedish capital has a wide range of activities for those who want to stay in shape. Especially for those who want to take zumba classes in Stockholm, there’s a wide range of places to choose from. Zumba is perfect if you want to combine great joy with giving your body a good workout. With simple steps to fantastic Latin American music, you’ll burn calories while having a blast. Here’s your guide to the city’s best zumba studios and instructors. Join the party!
Last updated: March 11, 2024

Zumba is a simple, fun, and sweaty dance-based exercise. It was born in the 1990s when Colombian fitness instructor Beto Perez forgot his usual aerobics music at home. He had to solve the situation by using his own collection of Latin American music.

That mistake turned into a success. Combining salsa, samba, merengue, and other Latin American rhythms with aerobics into a new kind of dance fitness became a smash hit with his students.

In other words, it was a success, and the energetic mix of dance and fitness has since taken the world by storm. Gyms have been transformed into dance parties, and Zumba remains a super popular form of exercise that combines fun and health in an unbeatable way.

Find the right zumba classes in Stockholm

Of course, Stockholm is one of the many cities in the world that has taken Zumba to its heart. There are now plenty of places around the city – from gyms to dance studios – where you can do dance classes as a workout or take a zumba course to become a master of the Latin American dance steps.

But with so many choices, finding the right zumba venue can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to zumba classes in Stockholm where both beginners and experienced dancers can find something suitable. Get ready for a real movement party with a cocktail of joy, energy, fitness, agility, and strength.






Zumba with Patricia

Join Zumba with Patricia to get moving and have fun
Patricia Alvarado is a professional zumba instructor whose main goal is to give her participants an enjoyable workout experience. Since 2018, she has offered her concept Zumba with Patricia – joyful exercise where everyone is welcome and where the focus is on making you feel good in body, mind, heart, and soul. Instead of exercising being something you do because you have to, it becomes something you regularly do because you want to and where you look forward to the next session.

You can do zumba with Patricia both IRL and virtually. The physical classes are for both adults and children, beginners as well as experienced, and are held at various locations in Stockholm. Whichever class you choose, you can count on a vibrant Latin party where your whole body gets a workout.

Besides the energetic classes, Zumba with Patricia also offers zumba for events, parties, workshops, corporate events, and children’s birthday parties. It’s a sure-fire way for participants to let loose, move to the music, and create great memories on the dance floor.

Zumba Sol

Zumba Sol offers the city’s most fun form of exercise at three locations in Stockholm and Nacka – the Dance Academy at Odenplan, Fryshuset in Hammarby Sjöstad, and Dieselverkstaden in Sickla. There are several different classes – Zumba, Zumba Gold (for seniors), and Balance & Mobility which increases mobility and strengthens muscles.

At Zumba Sol, training is flexible. You can either sign up for a whole semester or buy a punch card for 5 to 20 sessions (drop-in is also available). The concept is run by a French woman with roots in the Caribbean who is a trained zumba instructor. So if you want to try Zumba with a French vibe, get a full body workout, and have a lot of fun at the same time, go for Zumba Sol.

3 addresses (click to see)
Västmannagatan 43, Vasastan
Mårtensdal 2–8, Hammarby Sjöstad
Marcusplatsen 17, Sickla

Stockholm Salsa Dance

If you like Latin American dances, the Stockholm Salsa Dance School, located in the city center, is the place to be. It’s one of Sweden’s largest and oldest salsa dance schools and has been offering dance classes since 1993. Here, you can dance salsa, mambo, bachata, kizomba, and cha-cha, among others. And, of course, this Latin American dance mecca also offers classes for those who want to train zumba in Stockholm.

At Stockholm Salsa Dance, you can participate in zumba fitness classes where you experience a sweaty and joyful dance session inspired by Latin American rhythms such as salsa, merengue, cumbia, and reggaeton. The steps are simple so everyone can join in and have fun – regardless of age and level. It’s drop-in, and you can buy a punch card.

Adolf Fredriks Kyrkogata 13, Norrmalm/City



Nordic Wellness

Nordic Wellness is one of Sweden’s largest fitness chains with clubs all over Stockholm and the surrounding area. They have everything for your training and health, and you can participate in both group classes, strength training, and cardio training (also online). In other words, there’s a huge range for those who want to move, and naturally their training facilities also offer zumba.

At Nordic Wellness you can train Zumba Fitness, which is a simple dance class where you shake your hips, move to the music, and get lots of exercise fun to Latin rhythms. You train fitness and coordination with simple choreographies and the latest hits. If you’re looking for a calmer variant, there’s also Zumba Gold, a zumba class adapted for older people and others who want a slightly lower intensity. The focus is on balance, movement, and coordination with simple choreography.

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Zumba Stockholm
A simple, dance-based workout to great Latin American music – no wonder zumba is popular

Studio Levels

Energetic dance training and comfortable treatments, does that sound like a good mix for you? Then you’ll like Studio Levels on Kungsholmen. They’ve created a unique concept where exercise and beauty go hand in hand – a beauty salon and training center in one, quite simply. Here, you can go for a nice massage or haircut at a hairdresser and get a workout without leaving the premises.

In modern and fresh premises, you can practice a wide range of fitness activities – pilates, barre, ballet, weight training, and yoga. And not least zumba. Studio Levels’ zumba class combines fitness, balance, and flexibility with great Latin and world music. Fun, exercise motivation, and high endorphin levels are guaranteed. Comfortable workout clothes and shoes are all that’s needed – then just go for it!

Kungsholmsgatan 17, Kungsholmen


Stockholms Allmänna Gymnastikavdelningar, or Saga for short, was founded back in 1911. Obviously, a lot has happened since then, but the same joy and friendly community is still present in the pleasant training facility in Södermalm, where they’ve been located since 1985. The premises offer group classes, a well-equipped gym, and personal trainers. Plus, massage, chiropractic, naprapathy, and physiotherapy therapists. In short, everything you need to feel good.

Through the legacy of the gymnastics association, group classes is a big part of the activities. There are 20 different types of group sessions for strength, endurance, balance, and coordination. From barbell and core to gymnastics and zumba. When you train zumba in Stockholm at Saga, you get to dance to Latin American rhythms, laugh, and have fun while training mobility, balance, and fitness.

Mariatorget 5, Södermalm


SATS is Scandinavia’s leading fitness chain and is well-known to most people. They’ve been around since 1995, and over the years, they’ve expanded successfully with their fresh and well-equipped training centers, extensive class offerings, and great service. Here, you can work out in the gym and do group training (several facilities also offer padel).

The massive range of group classes at SATS includes everything you can imagine. And, obviously, that includes zumba, a dance class that offers hot rhythms and swinging hips. During the class, the body gets a workout where you train fitness, balance, flexibility, and not least your brain activity. Plus, you have a lot of fun. The group dances to a predetermined choreography that’s changed regularly to maintain variety.

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Östermalms Dansstudio

If you want to take a course in zumba, you can turn to Östermalms Dansstudio. It’s a dance studio with experienced and professional instructurs where everyone is welcome, regardless of age and level. Behind the studio is one of the country’s best dance couples who are both Swedish champions in Latin American dances and compete internationally for Sweden. In other words, they know how to dance zumba, so you can count on a course full of energy and inspiration. Plus high calorie burning.

If the zumba makes you want to learn more dances, Östermalms Dansstudio also offers other courses. You can learn to dance ballroom and Latin and Latin heels fusion. They also offer private lessons for bridal couples who need to shape up their wedding dance. And if you have kids who want to dance, there are playful classes for children.

Hamlingsgatan 1, Norra Djurgårdsstaden

Have fun practicing zumba in Stockholm

Here’s our guide for those who want to practice zumba in Stockholm. Few – if any – forms of exercise are more fun than this simple dance-based workout to lovely Latin American music. And the fact that you get great exercise on top of it make things even better. We hope you find a zumba class that suits you and have a blast. Let’s dance!

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