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In 2019, Ztatus Clothing turns 20 years. Christian Moberg, store owner and successful designer with his own shirt brand, has run the store on the same street all these years. 1999, after graduating Business School in Borås (a city in western Sweden) and additional design studies, Christian opened the store a bit further up on the street, but soon he moved it to its current location at Hantverkargatan 18 on Kungsholmen.

Last updated: March 5, 2021

To offer status clothes, inspired by the best clothing brands, was an obvious choice for Christian, and the reason he decided to use a Z in the store’s name is to make it stand out from the rest. And this is exactly what you feel when you enter the store. The store and the clothes stand out and you can always be sure to find the latest fashion, for both men and women. The store’s motto has always been ‘Service, Quality Shirts, and Fashion.’

The motto of Ztatus Clothing has always been ‘Service, Quality Shirts, and Fashion.’

You can tell that Christian’s enjoying his job. When a customer enters, he quickly gets up and puts on a lovely smile. This customer is looking for a jacket, and Christian offers his full attention when the customer asks for fit, cut and sleeve length. The initial curiosity turns into happy nodding and the customer really smiles in front of the mirror when his new jacket fits him perfectly.

In the store, you can find well-known brands such as AT.P.CO, Björn Borg, Colmar, Gabba, Sir of Sweden, Snoot, and several others. So you will definitely leave the store with a brand new fashionable wardrobe.

Ztatus Clothing Stockholm

Christian likes to focus on his own shirt brand, Christian Moberg of Sweden. And he knows his stuff. Did you know, for example, that a shirt consists of 97 meters of thread? Or that it’s composed of 50 different parts? Christian knows it – and so much more. Therefore, it’s him you should turn you to if you want to make sure you get a high-quality shirt that will last for a long time.

Christian says he never compromises with either fabrics or quality.

“I only purchases fabrics from the most famous Italian suppliers. I want the shirts to be made of Egyptian cotton of the best quality. The shirts should stay in the same great shape for 2 to 300 washes.”

I only purchases fabrics from the most famous Italian suppliers. I want the shirts to be made of Egyptian cotton of the best quality.

– Christian Moberg, owner –

Christian also tells us that the handpicked Egyptian cotton is considered the best in the world.

“The cotton has longer fibers in Egypt. That means you can spin thinner but also stronger threads. And since it’s handpicked, there are no by-products, such as small branches and other dirt. That’s the cotton I want in my shirts, nothing else.

C Moberg shirts

He has noticed that the industry has changed in recent years when more and more people buy online.

“It’s easy for people to search for products at home from their computer or phone. Therefore I will put even more effort on the digital with the website and social media.”

The dream is to get more retailers and grow, grow and grow again. Those goals will be achieved with hard work the same way he greets customers: with a shining smile and the best service possible.

We are looking forward to Ztatus Clothing’s 20th anniversary in 2019.

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