Zombie lab – team bulding and brain excercises at Fox in a Box

I think I have a new hobby, computer games and TV games are so last year, live games is the new thing!

There are several different live games you can do and you can choose a theme that suits you. Fox in a Box offers a big variety of options, among the bank job, the bunker, the zodiac killer, and other rooms we chose to play the zombie lab. We were a group of friends that felt like doing something fun together and live games are just such a cool activity to do together with your friends or family. It’s also a great team building excercise so I could really reccomend it for companies that wants their staff to become a tighter team.

It’s pretty cool to do something different with your friends than just having dinner together or go to the cinema, that’s how I feel and I think everyone had a great time while playing and we definitely had to turn our brain office on in order to solve the room and escape. We actually didn’t make it out of the room in time, we managed about 90 % of the game and we were so close to succeed to save the world, but well, you can’t always be a super hero I guess.

I think I’ve got hooked on this kind of activities and can’t wait to book another room and try to solve it.

Fox in a Box are located at two places in Stockholm, Olof Palmes gata 23 and Klara Norra kyrkogata 29, both in the central city of Stockholm so it could also be a great activity if you are just spending a few days in Stockholm and wants to take a break from sightseeing.


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