Yuc Mexican

Photos taken by Olof Grind

It’s a beautiful day in Stockholm this Friday the 13th, and what better way to start the weekend than with a night out together with a couple of friends, good food and delicious drinks? Here’s the new place to be!

Yuc Mexican is a new restaurant and bar located in the heart of Odenplan. They had their grand opening last week and I had the pleasure of attending this spectacular event.

We got there at 7PM to meet a happy and excited crowd all waiting for the big reveal. Entering this quirky locale you’re instantly faced with an atmosphere very close, if not identical to the typical Latin party and scenery. The upbeat music filled with life and rhythm combined with the amazing decor and lights made it feel like being at the barrio partying with your closest friends and family.

At first I had imagined this typical formal restaurant, but was happily proven wrong by this wonderful mix between the traditional aspects of Latin America combined with a modern and exciting twist to the common food from Mexico. My personal favourite that night was the incredible Korean beef tartar taquito. The taco shell was perfectly crisp and put the ones you normally get from the store for your Friday Taco dinner to shame. The combination between this gourmet tasting dish with the aspects from the Mexican cuisine was a bold and successful move and completely spot on with all the flavours coming together perfectly. If you for some reason can’t or don’t want to eat meat, they also offer a vegetarian alternative to almost all their dishes, as well as gluten free corn tortillas. This truly is a place for everyone and they’re constantly working on their menu to find new and exciting things to offer.

As for the drinks made by the unbelievably happy and talented bartenders they didn’t disappoint either. I tried the Lupita with tequila, triple sec, ginger and lime, a drink that reminded me a lot of a combination between two of my favourite drinks, the Pisco Sour and a Margarita.

If you’re looking for a fun night out with a unique concept and a warm environment, this is definitely the place to be. Being a Latina I felt right at home here and I will definitely become a regular at this place. So why not grab your closest friends and enjoy the night at this wonderful little gem at Norrtullsgatan 15.

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