My winter Holidays in Tromsø with Arctic Explorers Norway!

First of all I want to say hello to all the readers, thank you to the ones that have been following my blogs and welcome to the new ones, this time as you see, my post will be written in English instead of Spanish. I hope you all had good holidays and I wish you a Happy New Year 2018! Since a couple of years ago I have been traveling in Norway visiting North Cape, Bergen, Oslo and working two summer seasons in Stavanger. In this blog I want to tell you about my Arctic Holidays in Tromsø which becomes now my fifth city I visit in Norway. I spent a whole week in the shift between the years and I had the most amazing holidays ever, so that’s why I want to share my experience with you.

During my holidays in Tromsø I joined three of the Arctic Explorers tours. Arctic Explorers Norway is based in Tromsø providing world-class arctic holidays offering several tours to explore the arctic nature and life. My first trips were in the chase for the magic Northern Lights, then a full day private trip of Fjord sightseeing and finally an incredible Whale Watching experience. I am very happy about the teams professional service and intercourse with the clients during the tours to achieve a successful holiday. The tours are very well organized, guides and drivers work on an enjoyable environment with the group and make sure to do anything so you get to see the northern lights, enjoy the fjords and see whales in the best possible way.

Without hesitating this trip has been my best holidays yet. Now I will tell more detailed about the tours and my wonderful experience. If you are looking forward for an adventure and unforgettable lifetime experience then you are ready for the holidays expedition with Arctic Explorers!

Norwegian arctic landscape.


Northern Lights

Amazing dancing aurora.


The Aurora Borealis is one of the most fantastic natural phenomenon on Earth. The tours takes you in a chase to find the Northern Lights so you can relax and enjoy the dancing color lights above you, learn how to take pictures and sit by the fire to have a hot chocolate or dinner. From joining the tour I have learnt a lot of facts about the northern lights such as the colors, green, white, purple and even red and also how to find them. The guide will find the best spots adapting to the conditions and will be with you during the whole tour explaining about the Northern Lights.

My personal northern lighs experience is challenging trying to describe the feeling of seeing something so rare, beautiful and magic at the same time is indescribable, being able to lay down on the snow and just stare up in the sky while watching the colorful auroras dancing over your head and getting enchanted by them is an incredible sensation. I really enjoyed the time with our group, the guide helped us to adjust the settings on our cameras and took pictures of us, though taking pictures with auroras is a bit different, as the pictures are long exposure you have to stand still and “freeze” during the picture is taken and then they would light us up with a lantern so we are bright on the picture.

My first tour was the same day of my arrival to Tromsö I was very excited to see my first Northern Lights, on that tour we were supposed to drive to Finland but we only arrived close to the border, the guide was very concentrated on finding the best spots for auroras by sitting at the front of the bus and looking through the window up in the sky. I must admit that the weather conditions are cold we were at -22C! I’m glad I had a big and warm and comfy overall and during the tour we got served dry food dishes for dinner, if you want to try a Norwegian meal I recommend the reindeer stew! The second night the guide drove us to a wonderful island called Someroya, were we could enjoy amazing northern lights dancing above us. We had some hot chocolate while waiting for the fire to start but this time because of the wind it was more difficult to start the fire but the driver was very helpful and the guide managed with help of guests to finally start the fire. In arctic expeditions it is always best with cooperation.

Northern lights by the coast.

Fjords Tours


The Fjords are unique natural landscapes in Norway. On this trip you you will join the tour in a caravel with the guide and visit the main fjords and beautiful snowy mountains. It is a very beautiful experience where you can learn a lot about the nature in the Arctic Polar Circle and visit places with the best views and the most amazing mountains such as The Lyngen Alps. While you travel along the coasts and islands you can get a lot of opportunities to take fantastic winter pictures. It is also a very educational tour where you will definitely know a lot about Norway’s nature and landscape.

During my travels in Norway I have seen many fjords and all of them keep impressing me with its beauty. This has been my first winter in Norway and the mountains, alps, fjords, sea and lakes look completely stunning and magic in the white snow, I really recommend to join on this experience in the winter land. While on the trip to our destinations we could see foxes and reindeers by the road, these arctic animals are always possible to see in northern Norway. Something I also liked about the tours is the variety of people coming from all around the world who I got to know and shared the arctic experience with. During the tours on the bus there was a relaxed and happy environment, the guides feel free to tell funny facts and jokes about Norway.

Lyngen Alps.


Whale Watching

Humpback whale.

The wonderful Whales come to Northern Norway during the winters for feeding. In this tour we took a boat and sailed in the same waters as the whales, there were a lot of incredible moments while searching for them, we could see Humpback whales and Orcas it was my best wild animal encounter in my life. From the guide I learnt a lot about the whales, their travels, living facts and how intelligent creatures they are. It was a very enjoyable and active outdoor excursion with the group out in the sea observing the fascinating whales. In my tour we could see a lot of whales and they could come close to the boat and many good chances to take perfect pictures. For me it has been the greatest moment this year, I was near to shed tears when I saw the wonderful wild animals in their natural environment, discover how they act and to my surprise taking incredible pictures.

Although the way to the destination for the whale watching was the longest trip it was definetily worth it, when we arrived we got on a boat with the guide explaining a lot about whales and the skipper who was very fun and excited to show us the whales, it was very intresting to see how they worked together and couldn’t resist to enjoy the views also looking at distance with vinoculars and spotting the air coming out from the whales. The most incredible was when some whales even jumped on the side over the waters surface so we could see the flipper and every time before the dived into the water we could see the beautiful tail flukes showed before the submergence. My self, I couldn’t be one minute without watching the whales. On our way back I doubt any of the guest didn’t close the eyes for a nap after the intense whale watching, I must admit these have been the best naps I have taken on a buss. All of us were very happy and grateful for the wonderful experience.



Two other tours are Arctic Expeditions sailing to Svalbard, is a five or ten-day experience where you can see polar animals. Ski and Sail  in Lyngen Alps is a seven-day expedition skiing in the Norwegian mountains. More to know about the tours is that all tours provide with warm clothing, transport and food.

In one week I got to meet a lot of people and went on different activities. Another of the best moments during the trip was celebrating New Years Eve with a very fun group of new people from different countries all reunited in Tromsø and enjoying a good time having a dinner with homemade food and watching the traditional fireworks in town. It was magic, almost like a midnight miracle when an aurora showed over the city of Tromsø and some snowflakes were falling while watching the fireworks in the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018. Spending new years abroad and in a different way is definitely a thing I could get used to.

If you are wondering what else to do in Tromsø or you are planning to stay for longer there is still a lot left to see. You can discover the city and visit museums, take the famous cable car and enjoy the views, go on a dog or reindeer sleeding, excursions, activities and sami culture experience or find somewhere to have sauna and even skiing. Tromsø is a very photogenic place for photography lovers and enthusiasts, you will always find something to take pictures of.

Most importantly I want to give a very special thanks to all The Arctic Explorers Team and all the people who made my holidays in all the ways the most enjoyable trip and helped me create unforgettable memories full of lifetime experience! I am very happy to have met all of the team in person, the international team of guides and drivers spread a lot of good feelings, were very helpful, friendly and always happy to see me.

To sum up, Tromsø has been an unexpected and breathtaking experience that I ever imagined. Personally this adventure has helped me improve my photography skills being able to take pictures I have been dreaming about. I really hope you enjoyed reading this blog and that I could possibly made you interested in discovering Tromsø for your next holidays. I am sure the team of guides and drivers will be looking forward for new guests and excited to show you their expedition tours in the arctic.

New years eve fireworks in Tromsö.

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