Fly in an outdoor wind tunnel in Stockholm

– a high-flying adventure you'll never forget
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  2. Fly in an outdoor wind tunnel in Stockholm – a high-flying adventure you’ll never forget
Imagine flying freely like a bird in the open air, but without jumping out of an airplane. An unbeatable feeling of freedom with butterflies in the stomach that you’ll never forget. Now it’s possible with the new outdoor wind tunnel attraction that you can experience for the first time in Sweden and Stockholm. Take the chance to try a unique and corona-friendly experience that maximizes your adrenaline.
Last updated: March 24, 2022
So how do you fly? Well, the wind tunnel is shaped like a funnel, and it’s 14 meters in diameter at the top. With the help of airstreams of 200 km per hour that create pressure from below, you’re lifted so that you float completely free in the air. Then it’s just to enjoy the experience and show the spectators on the ground your best tricks.
Wind tunnel Stockholm

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Of course, the experience is completely safe, and you’re guided by a professional instructor throughout the whole activity to make it as good as possible. The instructor also gives you a flying lesson before. You get to learn the correct technique for flying in a relaxed way and how to position your body to get the most out of the flight. You also go through the safety regulations and everything else you need to know. Equipment can be borrowed on-site, and insurance is included.

Wind tunnel – a fun activity for everyone

The wind tunnel is an activity that suits everyone, both young and older people since the strength of the airstreams can be adjusted based on who is flying. It’s allowed from 4 years old, and there are many families with children among the customers. The activity is also popular at bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and corporate events. And many people buy it as a gift to give an experience beyond the ordinary to their loved ones. Even people who want to prepare for taking parachute certificates use the wind tunnel to train.

The wind tunnel is located in Danderyd at Mörby Centrum outside of Stockholm, and you can easily get there by subway, bus, and car. And the weather doesn’t matter – the activity gives you the same incredible flying adventure in both sunshine and rain since the airstreams make the rain disappear.

The activity takes a total of 30 minutes and the flight time is then either 2 x 60 or 4 x 60 seconds, depending on which package you have chosen. The price is SEK 499 for adults and SEK 299 for children up to 12 years. You can fly Tuesday to Sunday from spring to autumn. It’s best to book an appointment and buy the package that suits you on the website in advance, but it’s also possible to just show up because they also offer drop-in.

Fly wind tunnel in Stockholm
Behind the high-flying attraction is the company Since 2009 they’ve offered unique experiences such as dinners, drink tastings, car driving, parachuting, hot air balloon flying, and massage. Previously has mainly offered other companies’ experiences, but in the future, they’ll focus more on their own. The new wind tunnel is one of the company’s first self-hosted activities, and more unique experiences that they’ll be the first ones in Sweden to offer are underway.

Go for something you’ve never done before and have fun with friends and family. Flying freely with a maximized feeling of freedom is an unbeatable experience that you’ll not forget in the first place. Try out the wind tunnel in Stockholm today!

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