Who am I?


You would be forgiven for wondering ‘why would I want to read about this guy?’ or ‘why should I listen to him about anything?’ when you’ll have no idea who I am, so I’ll introduce myself. 

I’m a 33 year old English guy that’s been living in Stockholm for approaching 3 and a half years. I qualified as a personal trainer at the same time as moving here, and found work as a PT and instructor shortly after that.

I’m also a qualified snowboard instructor with the Canadian Authority of Snowboard Instructors which is the Rolls Royce of licenses in that department, as well as being a qualified Community Sports Leader.

Basically I’ve always been involved with sports and training in one way or another and helping other people learn in those fields. For the last 12 months I’ve been coached by Pete Rubish who is an elite level powerlifter in the USA. 

With all these things combined I’m confident in my ability when it comes to this sort of thing, and it brings me huge satisfaction to help other people through sharing my experience and knowledge. 

I’m really excited to have been offered the opportunity to start blogging for View Stockholm in this field as my life has centred around training for over 4 solid years whilst I’ve been in Sweden, as well as all the experience that has come before it.

With this blog I’ll write about my own training, as well as interviewing all kinds of people in the Stockholm training world, with nutrition, supplements, and general health and lifestyle stuff thrown in for good measure.

In my relatively short time in Stockholm I’ve made some really great contacts and met some truly inspiring people who I’m really excited to bring to you all!

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