When you visit Stockholm you probably want to try as many local flavours as possible. One thing you should put at the top of your list – if you’re a carnivore – is reindeer meat. Succulent, lean, full of flavour – reindeer meat is truly something to behold.

Dried reindeer, which is a bit like beef jerky, is fairly easy to find but if you want to experience the mouth watering joy that is a plate of reindeer filet you’re going to have to search a bit harder.

Lucky for you we here at View Stockholm are big fans of this Northern European delicacy. Here are our favourite places in Stockholm to tuck into a plate of reindeer.

Smaklig måltid!


OperaKälleren (Café Opera) is fine dining at its best. The prime location at Kungsträdgården (with the Royal Palace just across the water) only enhances the experience. The pan-fried filet of reindeer with star anise sauce is the dish you want to try.
Where: Karl XII:s torg

Fem Små Hus

This traditional Swedish restaurant in Stockholm’s Old Town has several reindeer dishes on the menu. We recommend the Filet of reindeer with port wine sauce and potato purée with classic Västerbotten cheese.
Where: Nygränd 10




The name – The Animal – says it all. Djuret is all about meat and you never know just what kind of meat you’re going to get here, as it depends on the season. It’s safe to say that come late autumn/early winter reindeer will not just be on the menu it will be prepared to perfection. These people know meat!
Where: Lilla Nygatan 5



It’s no secret we here at View Stockholm are fans of Old Town favourite Slingerbulten. It’s been around since, well, forever, and it knows how to turn out classic Swedish cuisine with incredible style. The marinated reindeer medallions with morel sauce, lingonberies and potato au gratin is sublime.

Where: Stora Nygatan 24


This charming little restaurant packs a big punch with their take on traditional Swedish cuisine with a twist. The reindeer sautéed in butter and served with chanterelle mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes and lingonberries is simply heaven.
Where: Regeringsgatan 74


This legendary restaurant and beer hall in the heart of Södermalm serves up traditional Swedish food in a lively atmosphere. The reindeer with mushrooms, cream, lingonberries and mash is a classic.

Where: Tjärhovsgatan 4

Restaurang Kryp In

Cosy Old Town eatery that serves classic Swedish fare. The smoked reindeer starter, with pesto, sprouts, cumin cheese and roasted hazelnuts is a delight but if you really want the full reindeer experience go for the roasted reindeer with sweet potato cream, rhubarb compote, Västerbotten mash, sundried lingonberries, and red wine sauce.

Where: Prästgatan 17


Do you like your reindeer cured or dried? You can try both at Knut: the cured reindeer is served with a chanterelle mushroom sauce and horseradish, while the Norrland plate (this place is all about Norrland in the city) features dried reindeer with Jämtland cheese, marmalade and stuffed whitefish roe.

Where: Upplandsgatan


Pelikan has been around since the turn of the last century and this Stockholm favourite continues to carry on the tradition of serving simple food cooked to perfection. The roast reindeer served with autumn mushrooms, chestnuts and apple purée is one of our favourite winter meals.

Where: Blekingegatan 40

Enjoy eating reindeer in Stockholm!