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Hello there!

This is my first post here on Viewstockholm.com. It feels quite exciting as we decided to cooperate during this summer and now we are here. It will be a pleasure to work with the people behind this amazing site, lovely and hardworking people. Now I will join the family and add some “Tony-spice” to it for a hopefully little better taste :D.

With the very first post I want to introduce myself to the people who wonder who I am of course.

My name is Tony Voltaire, I´m 28 years old and born and raised in Stockholm. I´m something in the middle between entrepreneurship and art/esthetics, as I love to see the beauty in things and details of life and make it a profitable business. This is my passion. The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder as they say, for me it could be fashion, art, furniture, experiences, food, drinks etc.

Whatever I can enjoy I´d like to share it with and inspire others. It could be here on this blog or on my influential site: www.tonyvoltaire.com  , also on my social media channels like Instagram and Snapchat (tonyvoltaire).

Having that said I think you understand that cultures lies in my interest. I love traveling and exploring other cultures in different parts of the world. Follow me on this journey to get more updates. I will mainly be around my city and base, Stockholm and show the magic of it, it´s truly an amazing city.

I hope you´ll enjoy it.


Tony Voltaire.

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