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I love to eat, and I eat a lot!

Good food makes you happy, so why eat something bad?

Stockholm, just like any other Capital or large city has it´s own jungle of restaurants, and since the best restaurants never is located in the tourist areas they can be tricky to find. But one thing is for sure, Stockholm is full of amazing restaurants that will give you food memories for life, the hard part is to find them!

– Ok, let´s just Google “Good restaurants in stockholm”?

Sorry to say… it doesn’t work that way!

The best restaurants are busy cooking and dont need aggressive marketing on the web to get customers, they let the food speak.

For me, good food doesn’t need to be fancy nor expensive. Okey, do not misunderstand me, I love fancy food as well but I rather eat an amazing Falafel for 65 sek than an expensive dish with a complicated name and incomprehensible taste.

My blog will be your guide to the best food in Stockholm. A reliable source when you want to have amazing food experience. I will give you inspiration were to spend your weekend in Stockholm, your friday after work with friends, were to eat your tuesday lunch and were to take your new found love on your first date.

For more inspiration you find my everyday food life on Instagram: @swedishfoodie

Hope to see you around!



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