Welcome to pasta heaven at Deli di Luca

It’s Friday and you might feel a bit tired from this weeks work and have the urge to just head home after work and relax on the sofa. And that is totally fine, it’s exactly how I felt last Friday night. I was dreaming about coming home and rest when I looked at my clock and realized I would soon finish work, but, changed plans!

A friend asked if I wanted to go out and have some Italian food and THANK GOD I joined him and didn’t go straight home after work. We both experienced incredible pasta moments that night and when we first tasted our dishes I think we were quiet for a pretty long time just making wierd sounds like “Mmm, Oh my, seriously, Mmm, wow”. I have always loved Italian food and have been to Italy a couple of times and I think it’s rare to find an Itialian restaurant anywhere outside Italy that really have that perfect high standard pasta dishes. Deli di Luca really delivers, I was blown away and I can’t wait to get back there. You find the restaurant in the heart of Södermalm on Folkungagatan 10.

So I guess you figured I loved the pasta, but the wine was great too. And the service was also really good and we ended up having a great evening filled with laughter, creamy pasta, delicious wine and I was so happy I didn’t miss out on this lovely evening. So if you don’t know where to eat tonight or any other night when you feel like going to pasta heaven, Deli di Luca is the place for you.


Mezzanelle Salsiccia el Funghi, It was easy for them to make this a vegetarian dish for me which was highly appreciated.

Linguine alle vongole, pasta with clams, garlic, chili and sherry tomatoes.

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