Weekend escape with Victory hotel

Right in the central old town (A must visit in Stockholm), Collector’s hotels have 3 beautiful hotels which give you the feeling of time travelling. As soon as I reached the lobby of Victory hotel I got this cozy yet luxery feeling and I fell in love with the on point interior. They have collected all sorts of items that you would find in a captains cabin hundreds of years ago. The hotel building is an impressive 17th century building with many hidden treasures. The whole hotel just have a historical touch and it is so beautiful and unique, it almost feels like you are staying in a museeum, how lovely is that?!

The staff were very friendly and helpful and I really felt like I escaped all the buzz and fuzz of Stockholm when entering  Victory hotel. Even though I was still in my home town, it felt like I were on a mini vacation just for the weekend. But I guess chilling out in your hotel bed, sleeping in late, getting a welcome drink, being spoiled by hotel staff and enjoying a healthy and tasty breakfast buffé kind of gives you that vacay feeling.

So if you are looking for a cozy place to stay when visiting the most beautiful part of Stockholm, the old town, I highly reccomend Victory hotel. Or maybe you are just looking for a weekend escape like me, eaither way, I’m sure you will enjoy your stay!

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