To get away for a while is important to us all. That’s the focus of Siggesta Farm (Siggesta Gård in Swedish) on the island Värmdö, just outside Stockholm. Siggesta contains two unique and newly renovated wings with six double rooms in each. This is an exclusive and relaxed residence close to the city.

The wings of the main building of Siggesta also have rooms for socializing with the beautiful wilderness outside the window, where there is also a wooden fired hot tub next to the sheep pasture, and nice running trails for those who want to get a little exercise.

In the evening, a well-cooked dinner is served in the lounge or in the restaurant, but it is also possible to book a cooking event with the chefs of the mansion.

Last year, Siggesta opened the first house in Siggesta By (Siggesta Village), which adds 14 more beds for overnight stays.

There are several beautiful buildings at Siggesta, all of them carefully restored, preserving their historical touch. Today there are a total of 20 unique rooms with all in all 47 beds, but in the end of the summer their new building will be ready, with another 9 rooms and 18 beds.

Great for children and adults

At Siggesta Farm there’s always something fun to do outside for the children – but for adults as well. There are several trails where you can take a walk regardless of age, and on the most childly trail called “Trollstigen” (Troll Path) you will find »trolls«. There’s an accompanying book for the Troll Path, you’ll find it by the counters. In the woods there are a steeplechase course consisting of several activities at different levels, which also offers a unique experience of Nordic nature.

The smallest children also have their fun at Siggesta. For example, there are a few huts and a moose to climb on. Why not help the establishment by building your own hut in the woods? For the older kids and the adults there’s a parallel track which you can use to challenge each other.

Perfect for outdoor activities

Siggesta Farm is open all year around, not only during the summer. This is a perfect place for outdoor activities for both kids and adults.

Why not learn something new and different while playing golf at Siggesta? Here you’ll find an excellent course of “Adventure Golf” called “Värmdö Runt”. It is a theme based mini golf track with 18 holes, each of them dedicated to different objects of the rich cultural history of Värmdö, an island located in the inner Stockholm archipelago. Football golf is also an appreciated game at Siggesta. It is expected that you enter the game with concentration and a winning attitude.

The summer premise, Orangery, with walls and roofs of glass, is an excellent choice for a summer party or other event.

In summary: Everything you need for a great weekend!

Address: Siggesta Gård, Värmdö
Booking: +46 (0)8-562 80 120,