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- take a cruise with the music boat in the Stockholm archipelago
“M/S Vindhem is a real entertainment boat, our dance floor is like an after ski,” says Stefan Jonsson. He started as a deckhand in 1990, eventually became CEO, and sometimes he’s also the captain.

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M/S Vindhem took its first trip in Stockholm 30 years ago, back then it was a tourist sightseeing boat that served shrimp. Since then, the concept has changed to focus more on live music and dancing. That move was so successful that the boat became too small and was extended by eleven meters in 1989. Until three years ago, the boat departed from Stadsgårdskajen, but due to the reconstruction of Slussen, it now departs from Skeppsbron Kajplats 101 by the Royal Palace.
M/S Vindhem focuses on entertainment, live music and dancing, but you can also enjoy good food and sightseeing.
On a shrimp cruise, you are served shrimp, freshly baked bread, butter and aioli, or a big taco buffet, as well as a cheese tray with biscuits and grapes. After dinner you dance to Janne Y. Retrospect, that plays rock, pop and schlager music. The boat arrives at Skeppsbron at 11 pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, there is even more party on the boat. Cover bands like ‘Smalare än Thord’, ‘Hoffman Circus’ and ‘Svenne Rubins’ take the stage and the cruise is extended until 11:30 pm.

If the weather is good, the boat makes a stop at the island Björnholmen between May and September. The uninhabited Björnholmen is located between Rindö and Ramsö. Here you dance to live music on the pier before the boat returns to Stockholm.

M/S Vindhem also offers sightseeing tours for tourists, at 11 am and 1:30 pm Wednesday to Saturday, between Midsummer and August. The two-hour guided tour goes towards beautiful Skurusundet. Enjoy the view on the archipelago’s largest sun deck while passing Nybroviken, Fjäderholmarna and Blockhusudden. On board you’re being served freshly prepared sandwiches, caesar salad with grilled chicken, shrimp, bread and aioli, buns and cookies. You don’t need to book the sightseeing tours in advance, just drop in!

M/S Vindhem music boat
From November until Christmas, M/S Vindhem offers Christmas smorgasbord cruises at lunch or evenings. On the Christmas buffet you’ll find homemade classics, and more marine dishes such as shrimp, smoked salmon, bloater, and shellfish pâté. The evening ends with dessert and trobadour music.

We’re a great choice for all ages and types, from friends and office parties to bachelor and bachelorette parties

– Stefan Jonsson –

So no one has to stay in a desert Stockholm, M/S Vindhem started to offer Midsummer cruises. What makes this cruise special is that you can order a herring platter with pickled herring, mustard herring, fresh potatoes, sour cream, chives and cheese.
M/S Vindhem sightseeing Stockholm
At M/S Vindhem you can have a peaceful lunch cruise in the archipelago or a rock evening with a cover band. Or you can rent the entire boat and eat a three-course dinner with your colleagues. The boat’s capacity is 400 passengers, or 360 sitting dinner guests.

“We’re a great choice for all ages and types, from friends and office parties to bachelor and bachelorette parties”, says Stefan.

Sponsored article in collaboration with M/S Vindhem.

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