Vietnamese dinner out at Pho & Bun

I just love when you find traditional food from different corners of this amazing world, especially when you find a restaurant that really has captured the flavours and aromas from that specific region. Tonight I felt like trying out a Vietnamese restaurant located at Tegnergatan 19, right in the center of Stockholm, and I am so happy I did. The restaurant I chose was Pho & Bun, which is also located in the old town. The staff were very friendly and there’s a nice vibe from when you enter the door.

There are several vegetarian options and the food over all was very well made and price worthy. I just think it’s great that you can get to taste a piece of some traditional food from the other side of the world in your own city and you can just close your eyes and for a few seconds imagine what it would be like eating the same food in it’s right surrounding. I also liked that the restaurant was almost full a Thursday night in January when most people are poor (including myslef) that must mean that the food is great and the prices affordable.

Enjoying a drink while waiting for the food, Pho & Bun has a big variety of wine and beer to choose from.

I had a traditional healthy soup and fried rice, I’m quite picky when it comes to fried rice since I’ve been living in South East Asia and this rice was probably the best I’ve ever had.

My boyfriend ordered a grilled and deep fried duck which dissapeared very quick, i guess it was very tasty!

I will definitely come back to try out some more of their menu!

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