Vegan brunch with tropical vibes

If you happen to be vegan or vegetarian, like tropical fruits or healthy food bombed with vitamins, then I know the perfect place for you.

Mahalo café is located between the metro stations Mariatorget and Zinkensdamm in central Stockholm and is a must if you want to taste some yumminess with a good conscience. Everything is organic, vegan and tasty. The café offers raw cookies, wraps, juices, smoothie bowls and a lot of other delicious must tries!

As soon as you enter the café you can feel the good vibes and the smell of vegan blueberry pancakes sweetening the air. In the summer you can sit outside in the backyard belonging to the café and enjoy whatever you managed to decide ordering. It’s always a struggle for me since I want exactly everything on the menu.

Mahalo is not just a place to eat goodies, you can also bring you furry friends since the café is pet friendly, which can be good to know if you are allergic.

But my absolute favorite thing about this café is that it gives me the possibility to time travel. I can order their Rio Acai bowl and throw myself right back to February and carnival times in Rio where me and my friend ate countless bowls of acai. Or if I prefer, I can order the pataya bowl, close my eyes and pretend I am back at my favorite island Bali. In Bali tropical smoothie bowls containing pataya, also called dragon fruit, is part of my everyday breakfast routine.

You find location and opening hours here Mahalosthlm

Now I’m gonna let the pictures speak for themselves.

Mahalo Café

Mahalo Café

Mahalo Café

Mahalo Café

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