Trip to Vaxholm

This weekend I visited Vaxholm, a small town and island in Stockholm archipelago. It is located in the central parts of the archipelago and even goes under the nickname “Capital of the Archipelago”. To get there we took the boat, operated by Waxholmsbolaget, from Strömkajen, just outside Grand Hotel. The cost was 150 SEK for a two way ticket and the trip took about 50 minutes. From the boat you have a beautiful view of Stockholm’s archipelago. Where the boat arrives in Vaxholm you find small shops selling for example chocolate, clothes and interior decorating.

From Vaxholm you can take a boat to go out to Vaxholm Fortress, located just a few hundred metres outside Vaxholm. It was built in 1544 yo guard the city and nowadays it houses a museum and a restaurant. The boat leaves every 15 minutes and costs 40 SEK for a two way ticket.

Optimized-Skärmavbild 2016-06-20 kl. 14.17.47

Vaxholm fortress/ Vaxholms kastell

Optimized-Skärmavbild 2016-06-20 kl. 14.18.57

Vaxholm seen from the fortress. 

Beside the fortress you also find a restaurant called Bistro Kastellet. Bistro Kastellet serves for example prawn sandwiches, Belgian waffles and fika. The bistro is open every day between 11-17 pm.


Prawn sandwich with pickled red onion at Bistro Kastellet




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