Tools for a Master Chef

Cooking is one of my passions in life. I love to spend at least an hour or two creating a master piece in the kitchen. But to be completely honest I fail more often then I’d like to and many times I end up angrily throwing my failed dish in the trash. What can I do to improve? Then I thought, maybe the fault is not mine, but maybe it’s the tools?

Yes, that’s it! I keep on trying to make great things with poor tools and of course that doesn’t work. I need an upgrade. And to start with the most important tool of all… the knife. Gordon Ramsey has been telling me for years in every single cooking show that sharp knives are the way to success (sometimes a bloody way, but no one said it would be easy). The sharpest knives come from Japan I’m sure. To slice sashimi perfectly a very sharp knife is needed. And now they are also available in Stockholm. This Japanese knife from the Japanese Knife Company is so sharpe that it actually scares me a bit. This knife is not for beginners and needs to be handled with care. No more trying to cut veggies as fast as possible, no, this knife needs a steady hand.
Japanska kvalitetsknivar
I don’t know how I managed this long with my previous knives because a proper and sharp knife is a revelation. And my advice to every aspiring chef is to listen to chef Ramsey and go get yourself  this pretty and very useful knife!
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