Tiki Room

- an exotic paradise in Stockholm
Polynesian masks, big tiki figures, red leather sofas and a bar covered in bamboo. From the speakers you hear exotica, surf, and rockabilly, and the bar staff, dressed in Hawaiian shirts, serves tropical drinks.

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Tiki Room hasn’t left any detail to chance in its Polynesian concept. Therefore, it feels like you are actually on a South Sea Island, and not in a basement on Birkagatan 10 in Stockholm.
Tiki Room is the only authentic tiki bar, besides Taboo Cove in Las Vegas, and the drinks taste as good as they do in the South Sea.
Stefan Kéry opened Tiki Room in 2002. Before that, together with Max Fredriksson and Katarina Johansson, he had a club concept with the same name that they ran at various night clubs in Stockholm. One summer, Stefan also toured with a mobile Tiki bar on festivals and concerts in Sweden. But then he made contact with the restaurant Mellow Bar around the turn of the millennium, and finally got a permanent place where he could build a Tiki temple. The only authentic tiki bar, besides Taboo Cove in Las Vegas, according to Stefan.

The decor has been an important part for Tiki Room to feel authentic. Most of the interior comes from Hawaii, like the tables and sofas, and the rest from Fiji and Sweden. The masks are made by a Swedish artist, and the three big tiki figures are created by Max Fredriksson.

Tiki Room Stockholm
“Many people associate tiki with tacky, but we don’t want it like that,” says Stefan. A lot of bars throw in some Polynesian things and serve sweet drinks, he explains.

Instead, Tiki Room serves carefully made drinks that taste as good as they do in the South Sea. Many of the drinks are made from original recipes from tropical drink legendaries such as Don the Beachcomber, Trader Vic and Beach Bum Barry. Tiki’s own drinking recipes have been put together by Adam Axelzon.

Many people associate tiki with tacky, but we don’t want it like that

– Stefan Kéry –

The key ingredients in most tropical drinks are fresh fruit and a good rum. The Tiki Room uses Martinique rum, made in the Caribbean and stored in France, but also Demara rum from Guyana, Jamaican and Cuban rum. The prices of the drinks at Tiki Room can be seem to be slightly higher, but since the drinks are big, the centiliter price is reasonable.

Try a Shrunken Skull – Guyanan rum, Havana Club, fresh lime juice and pomegranate served in a tiki goblet. Or share a drink for two. The Tiki Room Volcano comes in a big Hawaiian fire-flaming bowl, like a volcanic eruption of fine imported rum and fresh fruit juices.

Tiki Room Stockholm drink
From Monday to Thursday, and on Fridays and Saturdays before 6 pm, you can book a table at Tiki Room. On weekends, DJs play vinyls with music from the 40s, 50s and 60s. You see, there are no trends at Tiki Room. The music and the concept will always be the same.

“Instead, you get a bar with an exotic paradise feeling,” says Stefan.

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