The world’s third coolest subway station can be found in Stockholm

The world is full of subway stations. But did you know that you can find the world’s third coolest subway station in Stockholm? It is the world’s largest travel guide company, Fodor’s, that in 2013 gave the station Kungsträdgården the third place on its list after Naples and Moscow.

Sweden and the Swedes are known for having a good eye for design. And the country’s only subway is no exception. According to Fodor’s the subway reflects “Sweden’s progressive design aesthetics with modern sculptures, mosaics, and installations”. It’s no coincidence that the subway is called the world’s longest art exhibition.

Traveling with the city’s subway is like traveling through an exciting story where artists from the 1950s are mixed with contemporary artists. And coolest of all the stations is Kungsträdgården, accessed by the blue line. The station was designed by artist Ulrik Samuelson, inspired by the palaces that are and have been located in Kungsträdgården. Among other things, you can see a male and female torso which previously stood in the palace Makalös, De la Gardie’s magnificent palace built in Kungsträdgården 1635-1643 and torn down after a fire in 1825.

You can take part of this amazing art exhibition in an organized form if you do not want to discover it on your own. In the summer SL (Stockholm Public Transport) regularly organizes free guided art walks in the subway (all you need is a valid ticket). In these art walks SL’s art guides tell you more about the unique collection of artwork and sculptures, architecture and artists behind the works along the 110 km long subway system where more than 90 of the 100 stations are beautifully decorated.

Click here to read more about SL’s art walks.

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