The perfect Sunday

There is something magial about having a perfect Sunday morning, it just sets the mood for the rest of your day and makes the whole weekend feel perfect. So this morning, I decided to have one of these magical Sunday mornings and went to Wilmers coffee bar at Kungsholmen that I heard so many nice things of. It is such a cute little café and they definitely have one of the best outdoor seating area in Stockholm, like you will see in the pictures. Not only that, their staff is really friendly and their breakfast menu is amazing. Let’s just say, I did really end up having a magical Sunday and I do think starting my morning at Wilmers coffee bar had its impact. Too bad not every day could start with a breakfast like that… At least you know where to find me Sunday mornings from now on. Wilmers coffee bar is located very close to Rådhusets metro station and super easy to find.



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