Testing Your Limits at Exit Games

Last week, I had the pleasure of completing my first “escape room” at Exit Games. If you haven’t heard of this type of activity before, it’s essentially where you and a few friends are locked inside a themed room, designed with various riddles and clues to help you escape said room.

Exit Games has five different escape rooms located in Gamla Stan and Södermalm. Their themes are: The Collector, Mission Undercover, Valhalla, Crazy Grandma and The Cell. Our group of five decided to attempt the Gamla Stan “Valhalla” room, which was Viking-themed. We figured, what better setting than the medieval part of Stockholm to complete a Viking-themed mission?

The rooms at Exit Games can accommodate anywhere from 2-6 people at a time, so it’s great for both smaller and larger groups. Having never participated in this type of activity before, our group was anxious to see what it was all about.

Exit Games

The Mission

Before we entered our escape room, our guide gave us brief instructions, along with some Viking gear. She then told us a little story to help get us into the Norse mythology mindset. We were Vikings, who had just died in battle and we were currently stuck in a tomb-like purgatory. Our mission was to find our way to Valhalla to achieve eternal life. If we failed, the evil god Hel would take us to hell instead – no pressure! We had one hour to complete our mission.

Feeling inspired and ready for action, we entered the “tomb” where we were faced with various clues and riddles to solve. The dim lighting, medieval décor and Viking-themed music created a pretty authentic atmosphere. The clues and tasks we faced throughout the mission varied in level of difficulty – some were easy, and some were more challenging – and they all related back to the Viking theme. Teamwork and outside-of-the-box thinking was highly encouraged and really helped us succeed with the more challenging riddles.


After completing the mission, I could see why this would be a great team-building activity to do with coworkers or friends – it requires strong communication skills, cooperation and both creative and critical thinking. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

Overall, we had such a great time at Exit Games and I would absolutely recommend it for anyone looking for a fun and unique activity where you can really challenge yourself. As our group was leaving Exit Games, we were already planning when we would complete our next mission – we can’t wait to go back!

For more information about Exit Games, or to book your mission, visit their website: http://exitgames.se

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