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Looking good and taking care of yourself is one of the essentials of our modern world. One’s image and the way a person look can often be the turning point in his or her career, relationship, and life in general. Today everyone, before going somewhere, has to fix themselves to make the best impression. To achieve it, people spend lots of hours for it on a day-to-day basis. Another problem is to make this fix last long. Otherwise, the efforts might just as well be useless.

Terence Renati, the world-famous hairdresser, found a brilliant solution for solving this problem by launching his line of hair products – RENATI. After many years of work, he was trying and searching for the best products that could fit all type of hair and which would last as long as it is needed, but couldn’t find any. So instead, he decided to make the perfect product himself.

“If you need some particular product for your work, and can’t find it anywhere, you make it yourself in the end.”

Terence Renati Hair Products

Originally from Italy, he has traveled all over the world during his career, having experience living in the United Kingdom, Australia and finally in Sweden.

Never stop being a hairdresser, Terence Renati started experimenting with wax, mixing different kinds of it and finding a way to achieve the best quality and the long-lasting styling effect.

In his interview in 2010 for The Salon magazine, he said: “I’ve always sort of created my own products – I’d get them manufactured the way I wanted it and then get them repackaged.”

His Renati products don’t require multiple hair washes before the wax goes off; neither do hair lose the styling effect even in the humid environment. It sounds like a dream. As a professional hairdresser, he knew exactly what treatment every type of hair needs. For example, he underlines that other hairstyling products usually underestimate the importance of inventing a product that can be adaptive for different kinds of hair and, of course, the gender. Men’s hair often tends to thin; therefore, products should provide them with a thickening effect. Some people have lifeless hair, which needs extra gloss – Renati products can help with that too, as well as create a matting effect if required.

The production didn’t stop on that, and Terence Renati developed a whole line helping people to take care of their hair: shampoos, conditioners, all kinds of waxes, sprays, etc.

Terence Renati hair wax

Today Renati has become a world-known brand, actively used not only by professional hair-saloons but also by everyone else who cares about their hair. With a very acceptable price, Renati products attract consumers, first of all, by its top quality, because it is crucial not only to look good but also to protect our hair from chemical damage.

After many years of successful development of the brand, Terence Renati didn’t stop, and his brilliant mind is still fountaining with new ideas of improvement and finding new ways for achieving the desired goals.

As the owner of the brand tells us, Renati waxes are made of hard wax: ‘actual waxes and not petrol-based ones.’ The process of creating them takes a very long time, which Terence likes to control personally. First waxes are cooked until they can be used, and then they are cooled in a unique environmental room for 24 hours before they are capped to avoid condensation.

The ingredients used to create Renati waxes can be considered edible, as they contain only natural materials, such as canuba wax, used for making candies, bee wax, jojoba oil, and palm-derived ingredients. All this also makes Terence’s hairstyling products ecological and very safe to use. Maybe this is one of the reasons why his brand became so popular in Scandinavia – northern countries, where people care so much about preserving nature and using natural cruelty-free products.

Terence Renati

When the Renati brand was just launched in Scandinavia, Terence made a big accompanying tour, presenting it and teaching women how to choose the right products, fitting only them and their unique type of hair, and also how to use them to achieve the best effect.

To find out more, please visit Renati official website

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