Enjoy food from the past for SEK 3 when Tennstopet celebrates 150 years

Perhaps you’ve never been craving the Swedish dishes dipshop, ‘lerpotta’ herring, or antelope cream before in your life, but now you have a unique chance to try out these forgotten dishes from the past. September 25-29, Tennstopet, the classic restaurant in Stockholm, serves the food of the past at the prices of the past as they celebrate their 150th anniversary.

This year, it’s 150 years since Tennstopet opened its doors for the first time. At that time the restaurant was located in the old Klara district, but in 1965, when the extensive demolition took place in downtown Stockholm, the establishment moved to Dalagatan in Vasastan. Since 2012, the restaurant is run by Christian Olsson and Kristofer Sandström, and they’ve worked to keep Tennstopet a place where generations meet, enjoy, eat, and drink.

Tennstopet 150 years anniversary

“When we celebrate 150 years, we want to create something special that reflects Tennstopet’s and Sweden’s cultural food heritage.”

“Since we acquired Tennstopet five years ago, we have to some extent put our mark on the restaurant, but our goal has always been to preserve the time capsule that Tennstopet is. We love Tennstopet’s traditions and classical themes such as fermented herring, crayfish parties, venison, and crow. Now that we celebrate 150 years, we want to create something special that reflects Tennstopet’s and Sweden’s cultural food heritage,” says Christian Olsson.

Chef Micke Schedin has prepared a menu for the anniversary that take us back to the atmosphere on the cobblestone streets of the Klara district. The dishes served are slightly smaller than usual and as a guest, you are recommended to order two or three. However, this will not dig deep holes in your wallet because a main dish costs only SEK 5 and a dessert SEK 3. As mentioned, this is definitely prices of the past.

Tennstopet 150 years food

“We highlight the history of Tennstopet by picking dishes from our old menus. We have picked dishes from different epochs and interpreted them as a tribute to the times gone by. In this way our guests might rediscover dishes they haven’t eaten for many years, and our younger guests can discover something that they might have heard of but never tried,” says Micke Schedin.

As main course you can choose from meat broth with dumplings, blood bread with pork and white sauce, charcoal bun with lingonberry, and potato dumplings among others. For dessert, there is lobber, antelope cream, and ‘sjuskinn’ pudding. Enjoy your food with the drink of your choice (served at regular prices). The restaurant especially recommends the Carlsberg anniversary beer that goes well with the times gone by theme.

We highlight the history of Tennstopet by picking dishes from our old menus

– Micke Schedin, chef –

Tennstopet 150 years food

The menu is served September 25-29, 2017, between 2 pm and 4:30 pm. The restaurant has room for 120 people, and you can only book a table by phone or email. A certain number of drop-in places will also be available in the pub.

Food glossary

For those of you who aren’t so familiar with the delights of the past – here is an explanation of the food on Tennstopet’s temporary menu.

Cream stewed hash.

Meat broth with dumpling
The soup consists of beef, parsnip, turnip, leek, potatoes and celeriac. The dumpling is made of milk, flour, egg, and salt.

Blood bread
Made of blood from pigs, rye flour, wheat flour, syrup, yeasts, and salt.

‘Lerpotta’ herring
Pickled herring served with chopped eggs and chives, and potatoes with hot fried butter, served lukewarm.

Potato dumplings
A mixture of egg, potato, potato flour, and salt. These are filled with a duxelle of chanterelles and onion and boiled in salted water. When served, the potato dumplings are fried in butter and they are served with lingonberry.

Charcoal bun
A kind of pancake with diced pork that contains pork, water, leaf fat, and salt.

A fat milk that is soured, and served with fresh berries and smashed cookies.

Antelope cream
Whipped cream flavored with cherry liqueur that’s layered with preserved cherries and gingerbread crumble.

‘Sjuskinn’ pudding
Rice pudding with sugar, butter, sweet almond, and cinnamon that’s put in a baking sheet and baked in an oven. It’s then served with a fruit sauce made of brambles.

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