Tasty Tapas in Stockholm

I had heard great things about STHLM TAPAS… but hadn’t yet been to check it out for myself. My boyfriend and I have a favourite tapas restaurant back home which we love to go to, but it’s always hard to get in. So STHLM TAPAS had some big shoes to fill.

I made a reservation for Saturday night at 7:30pm. The restaurant has quite a Spanish feel – as most tapas restaurants do… but this one serves food from all around the world which was great! I immediately noticed how great the service was – our waitress was very attentive and helpful and explained to us how the menu worked.

The best thing about this menu is that you can tick off the dishes you would like. You cant do this at the one at home… even though we always scratch little marks next to what we want on the paper menu, it isn’t clear that you’re actually allowed to do that. At STHLM TAPAS they give you a pen and there is even little boxes to fill in. I loved it. Stockholm 1 – home 0.


There was SO much to choose from on the menu. There is literally something for everybody on there. From mini burgers and rack of lamb to calamari and goats cheese on toast with honey and pine nuts – the menu is simply divine. Unlike the one back home – which I have now realised is quite over-rated and there actually isn’t much on the menu that I actually like. Stockholm 2 – home 0.

The portions were perfect and mostly came so that 2 people could both have a piece each. Real tapas style. We ordered about 5 dishes each and even though the portions were much smaller than the restaurant we usually go to at home – we couldn’t finish it all and we’re left feeling very full and very satisfied. Stockholm 3 – home 0.


Between us we had a few glasses of wine and the Matt Damon’s Brother cocktail (this is a must try – it is insanely tasty and refreshing) then finished off with some coffee.

The atmosphere in there was really nice (Stockholm 4 – home 0) and after spending 3 hours in there – I really didn’t want our night to end.

I think we have come to the conclusion that I enjoyed and rate this restaurant a lot more than I do the one back home. With STHLM TAPAS beating it across the board.

I know there are a few of these restaurants dotted around the City – but the one in Vasastan got a 10/10 across the board when it comes to service, food, atmosphere and I highly recommend it to anybody who might be visiting Stockholm and likes tapas. The prices were very reasonable and it’s a 1 minute walk from St:Eriksplan tube station (if you get out at the right exit).

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Highly recommend; the olives, the nachos, calamari, rack of lamb and sweet potato fries.

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