Taquería La Neta: Stockholm’s best tacos

Tjena amigos from all over the world, I hope you are all awesome! Recently I visited one of my favorite places in town: Taquería La Neta, that delivers authentic tacos Mexicanos. Or, as Mexicano as you can achieve and aspire here in Scandinavia.

La neta, in Mexican (read: spanish spoken in Mexico) means the truth, or more accurately, the real deal. “For real” is you wanna go ahead and put it into modern and urban English. With all due respect and by no means of sounding cocky, I am almost positive that the name of the restaurant was created because of the fact that they, actually, deliver real Mexican tacos, none of that sad and cheesy version provided by a known chain in the city (with all due respect, again).
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The taco experience at La Neta constitutes the real deal. Visit them all year round but, the best time of the year for me is during the summer. As soon as you approach the restaurant, you will always see people sitting outdoors and sparing tacos, nachos and beers, in such a joyful way that I rarely see in Swedes. I, of course, might be biased in saying this, attributing the Swedes uncommon chillness and enjoyment to Mexican food. You see, I absolutely love Mexican food. Why?
How could I not? It is very similar to Peruvian food in terms of culinary bases (onion, garlic, many types of chili) and it is absolutely delicious, period…

I have never met anybody in my life that doesn’t enjoy eating tacos and getting all messy with the salsas, biting with the mouth wide open on an elote (corn in Mexican) and devouring nacho chips brutally and heavenly smothered in cheese and guacamole.

taquería, tacos, beer, mat, matblogg, foodblog, foodstyling, foodphoto, livsstil
Yes, I am biased now that I think of it. I have been to Mexico with mi family when I was 10 years old and I clearly remember  that it was on this trip when my taco addiction started. We visited 6 or more different cities and I ate my way through in all of them. Yep, I know what you are thinking. Foodie junior right? Haha!
What’s great about tacos is that is incredibly well seasoned and tasty and it is one of the ultimate street foods, ever.

As I said before, here at La Neta you will enjoy a true Mexican experience. As Mexican as it gets…
Priceless, right?

The menu features several taquitos (small tacos) and regular sized tacos, with great and classic versions such as Pastor (pork and pineapples), Bistec (sauteed beef steak); quesadillas (2 corn tortillas wrapping up cheese, beans, potatoes), nachos (corn tortilla chips), guacamole and even the traditional Mexican dessert flan (think of the Latin version of creme brulee, but sweeter and with a caramel sauce on it… oh yeah!).
Logically, they serve Corona, Sol, Negra Modelo beers; sodas and other non alcoholic beverages.

Influenced by me and the deep love for Mexico and its delicious and amazing food -or not, you know that you should be scheduling a visit to La Neta really soon.

Thank you all very much for allowing me to share my foodie experiences, it’s always a pleasure.
Have a great Wednesday night and let’s all watch the game and cheer for Sweden!!!

Ha det bra.

taquería, tacos, beer, mat, matblogg, foodblog, foodstyling, foodphoto, livsstil

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