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- Your guide to the city’s top swimming schools for children, youths, and adults
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Being able to swim is a vital skill that brings both joy and safety. And if your child needs to learn to swim or if you want to improve your swimming skills, many swim schools in Stockholm offer swimming classes for both children, youths, and adults. Both beginners visiting a swimming pool for the first time and experienced swimmers who want to learn how to crawl are guaranteed to find a good swimming school in the Swedish capital.
Last updated: October 3, 2023
Baby swimming for the very youngest. Fun classes for toddlers who need water experience or are ready to take their first swim. Swim lessons for school-age children. Courses in breaststroke, backstroke, front crawl, or butterfly for youngsters and adults who want to improve their swimming technique.

Swimming schools are aimed at all ages and abilities. Because it’s never too early – or too late – to get comfortable in the water and learn to swim (or sharpen your technique to become a better swimmer).

Find the right swim school in Stockholm

In both the city center and many of Stockholm’s suburbs, there are plenty of opportunities for those who want to take swim classes. Swimming lessons are offered in everything from large municipal indoor swimming pools to smaller privately owned pools and even outdoors during the summer. And there’s a class for everyone, from nervous beginners to determined competitors.

To help you book the right swimming school in Stockholm for you or your child, we’ve made a guide to the city’s swim schools. Usually, one or more courses are offered during the fall and spring semesters, but each swim school has its own schedule, so visit their websites for more information. We hope you find a suitable class and have fun in the pool!







Make the swim classes at Trampoolin the highlight of the week for the whole family

Trampoolin is one of Stockholm’s major players in swim lessons, and since the start in 2000, thousands of children have attended their baby swimming and swim school. The goal is that everyone, both young and old, should have the opportunity to learn to swim in a safe environment and that the swimming school should be the highlight of the week for the whole family.

Today, Trampoolin is present at many swimming facilities around Stockholm and the surrounding area. The teaching takes place in small groups based on each individual’s own pre-conditions, includes a lot of play, and is led by experienced instructors who are trained by either the Swedish Life Saving Society (SLS), the Swedish Swimming Federation (SSF), or the Swedish Baby Swimming Federation.

The classes include baby swimming, mini swim (1–5 years), swim school from 4 years, and adult swimming for both beginners and those who want to improve their skills in the different strokes. In addition, Trampoolin offers private lessons, sibling groups for young children, intensive courses, outdoor summer courses at several beaches, and crawl courses.

12 places (click to see)
Kungsholmstorg, Kungsholmen
Oasen, Kungsholmen
Rosenlunds sjukhus, Södermalm
Beckomberga simhall, Bromma
Nacka sjukhus, Nacka
Ekgården, Ekerö
Handens sjukhus, Handen
Furuhöjden, Täby
Tibblehemmet, Täby
Bro simhall, Upplands Bro
Dragongården, Upplands Väsby
AktivaRe, Åkersberga

Monas Simskola

Monas simskola
Learn to swim in a joyful way with safe and experienced swimming teachers at Monas Simskola

Monas Simskola was founded by the experienced swimming teacher Mona Bhat, passionate about swimming and conveying the joy of mastering the water. Since 2011, several thousand children and adults have taken swim lessons with Mona and her staff, and today, they have more than ten different facilities around the Stockholm area – from indoor swimming facilities to outdoor pools.

Monas Simskola’s classes always focus on results and are based on a joyful education with safe and experienced swimming teachers who want to take each student to their goal. There are swimming classes for all ages and abilities – from baby swimming and swim schools for children of different age groups to basic and advanced swimming technique training for young people or adults. There are also private lessons, water workouts, school swimming, women-only swimming training, and, last but not least, courses that teach children to swim like a mermaid.

At the facility in Gåshaga on Lidingö, you can also book a swimming party if your child wants to invite their friends to a wet and festive party next time it’s birthday time. Choose from a mermaid, pirate, or beach party theme – no matter what, it’ll be a success.

11 places (click to see)
Oasen, Kungsholmen
Beckomberga simhall, Bromma
Bredängshallen, Bredäng
Actic, Kista
Långbrohallen, Älvsjö
Spånga simhall, Spånga
Vällingby simhall, Vällingby
Bosön simhall, Lidingö
Breviksbadet, Lidingö
Gångsätrahallen, Lidingö
Gåshaga, Lidingö

Simskolan Små Grodorna

Simskolan Små Grodorna arranges intensive outdoor swimming classes for children on various beaches around the Stockholm area during the summer. Although safety is, of course, the most important thing, they also emphasize making this swim school in Stockholm fun for the children. It should be the highlight of the summer holiday, and they should look forward to the next swimming lesson. Therefore, games and stories are an essential part of the teaching.

Besides having fun, the children should also grow in the summer swim school. The goal is, of course, to learn to swim but also to improve their motor skills, get used to the water, become braver, and learn to fight to achieve their goals. In addition, they’ll have the opportunity to earn different swimming badges and meet new friends. Små Grodorna offers swimming classes at several levels (swim playgroups and various beginner courses), which are always led by qualified swimming instructors.

The fact that Små Grodorna’s swim lessons also help fund swim schools in poor developing countries where the need is very high makes things even better.

See website to find swim classes



Simklubben Neptun

Simklubben Neptun is Sweden’s largest swimming club and offers swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, and water polo throughout Stockholm. Of course, they also have swim schools where everyone can learn to swim (or improve their swimming skills) at several facilities around the city, both centrally and in several suburbs. The activities are based on the Swedish Swimming Federation’s swimming guidelines and are led by experienced instructors.

For younger children, 2-3 years old, there is a mini swim in smaller pools where children, together with their parents, can explore the water and get used to water to lay the foundation for swimming skills. The swim school, where children train more independently, is offered from age 4 and upwards. For children, the activities focus on elements such as breathing, dipping, jumping, sliding, balancing, moving, rotating, and floating. There’s also a lot of play and training with different equipment.

For more experienced swimmers, Simklubben Neptun offers technique lessons in free swimming, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly in a large pool. And if you’re interested in competitive swimming, there are also groups for this.

9 places (click to see)
Eriksdalsbadet, Södermalm
Forsgrénska Badet, Södermalm
GIH-badet, Östermalm
Kronobergsbadet, Kungsholmen
Storkyrkobadet, Old Town
Farsta sim- och idrotthall, Farsta
Västertorps sim- och idrottshall, Västertorp
Gubbängsbadet, Gubbängen
Högdalshallen, Högdalen

Gamla Stans Simskola

The historic Storkyrkobadet in Old Town is a unique indoor swimming pool housed in the basement of the Estonian School, and the room’s vaults date back to the 1750s. Here Gamla Stans Simskola offers swimming classes in a small teaching pool for both children and adults. It’s a calm and safe environment where everyone can have a relaxing and enjoyable swimming experience under the guidance of professional staff.

Gamla Stans Simskola offers lessons at several different levels. For children, there are swimming lessons with a parent in the water, beginner groups, advanced groups, and intensive swim lessons. For adults, there are introductory courses, technical training, and women-only swimming classes. You can also book private lessons if you wish.

Svartmangatan 20, Old Town


Vattenhuset is a family business that started in 1997. In other words, they’re a veteran among swim schools in Stockholm. There are currently 12 facilities in the city, 8 of which are their own facilities specially adapted for families with small children, including breastfeeding rooms, changing rooms, and playrooms. A couple of facilities are outdoor swim schools at beaches. Therefore they’re only available in summer.

There are baby swim schools, toddler swim schools, swim playgroups, and small group swim schools at different levels for both beginners and children who are more used to the water and more advanced in their swimming skills. Under the guidance of well-trained instructors, children practice swimming in a fun and playful way in warm water (32-33 °C).

If your child wants a fun swimming party, you can rent a pool for a children’s party and have the entire pool area, including equipment and toys, to yourselves. Vattenhuset also offers school swim, intensive swim schools, sibling swim schools, gentle water exercising for adults where you can train both strength and fitness and water gymnastics for pregnant women.

9 places (click to see)
Sveavägen 167, Vasastan
Östermalmsgatan 65, Östermalm
Virkesvägen 6, Hammarby Sjöstad
Smedjegatan 18, Sickla
Varuvägen 9, Älvsjö
Bockholmsvägen 1, Solna
Industrivägen 24, Tyresö
Eriksviksbadet, Saltsjö-Boo
Simskola Stockholm
Stockholm has plenty of excellent swim classes


Medley is one of Sweden’s major players in the swimming and wellness industry and has been around since 2001. They currently run many swimming and training facilities around the country. In the Stockholm area, they have 9 facilities indoors and outdoors.

At Medley, both children and adults, beginners and elite athletes, can have fun, exercise, and relax. There are adventure pools, water slides, trampolines, diving towers, jacuzzis, saunas, relaxation areas, water training, group training, gyms, and outdoor gyms (the offer varies between facilities).

There’s something for everyone in their range of swimming schools and classes. For younger children, there is a baby swimming school and a mini swimming school; for older children, there are swim schools and swimfun; and for adults, there are swimming classes, crawl classes, and open water classes. It’s also possible to book private lessons and swimming tests. In addition, Medley organizes popular children’s parties where Flodis the hippo is usually a popular guest.

9 places (click to see)
Vilundabadet, Upplands-Väsby
Tyresö Aquarena, Tyresö
Sollentuna sim- och sporthall, Sollentuna
Täby simhall, Täby
Norskogsbadet, Täby
Järfällabadet, Järfälla
Nacka simhall, Nacka
Näckenbadet, Nacka
Säby sim- och sporthall, Rönninge



Stockholms stad

Of course, it’s not only private companies that offer swimming lessons in Stockholm. The City of Stockholm also offers it, and its classes are aimed at children, youths, and adults. The city has 14 municipal indoor swimming pools in the city center and the southern and western suburbs. In addition to swimming, you can also work out at the facilities.

The goal of the municipality’s swim schools is for all participants, based on their needs and pre-conditions, to get used, become safe in the water, and eventually learn to swim. Participants are trained to float, jump from the edge, dip their heads underwater, glide, balance, and to be able to orientate themselves in the water without buoyancy aids. Advanced courses also include swimming 200 meters, of which 50 meters on the back (Nordic definition of swimming skills), bathing etiquette, and lifesaving.

14 places (click to see)
Eriksdalsbadet, Södermalm
Forsgrénska badet, Södermalm
GIH-badet, Östermalm
Kronobergsbadet, Kungsholmen
Farsta simhall, Farsta
Högdalens simhall, Högdalen
Sandborgsbadet, Enskede
Skärholmens simhall, Skärholmen
Västertorps simhall, Västertorp
Beckomberga simhall, Bromma
Åkeshovs simhall, Bromma
Vällingby simhall, Vällingby
Husbybadet, Husby
Tensta simhall, Tensta

Have fun at your swim classes in Stockholm

There you have our guide to swim schools in Stockholm. Whether you want to have a cozy moment with your baby at baby swim, if your six-year-old needs to get used to the water, or if you want to improve your swimming as an adult, we hope you’ll find suitable swimming lessons for your and your family’s needs. Being able to swim is both fun and vital, so book swim classes today.

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