Swedish Midsummer

Adults dancing like frogs around a pole? Yeah, that should be Sweden . . .
What is midsummer?
Midsummer takes place during the summer solstice in Scandinavian countries.
Often between June 19th and 25th. And of course, the roots lies in religion(Christian church choose June 24 as a day to celebrate St John the baptise). Though nowdays people just want an excuse to dance like a frog and eat pickled herring I guess 😉  I might do an update on the history part for this post, since there are many theories of the origin to midsummer.
What do you do on midsummer? 
You pick flowers in order to make a flower wreath. Its like the the snapchat filter everybody uses(I don’t know if its inspired by midsummer though?).
Keep promoting midsummer Snap chat !?

flower-1467550_640 (1)

And you also create a midsummer pole(also called maypole)midsummer-830403_640 (1)


20160626_151309It basically consist of potatoes with dill, meatballs, sausage, egg and pickled herring. And if you want to eat vegan, you can easily switch the meat to a vegan version. I used hälsans kök(health kitchen) for the “meatballs”. 20160625_153652And instead of Swiping on Tinder, people back in the days actually had the patience to pick 7 or 9 kinds of flowers, put them under your pillow to see who your soulmate would be. I guess it won’t work, but hey, your pillow will probably smell flowers, something that is always useful when searching for someone you want to share your home with 😉
Doing this saves you time swiping?  Regardless, why not have cute flowers?:)
But since its 2016, you are free to do whatever on midsummer. I went to a poolparty with a Jacuzzi(everyone doing situps in the pool for some weird reason). That was pretty chill 🙂 And we made the chairs feel like queens for a day 🙂



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