Swedish for Professionals offers cultural workshops

Swedish for Professionals offers cultural workshops with the aim of building and strengthening the bridges of cross-cultural connectivity. These workshops are normally offered to internationals as a useful introduction to the prevalent culture in Sweden.

Far from being a behavioral guide, its purpose is to create awareness through informing about- and explaining some unwritten rules that the participants themselves have experienced and with a basis in Swedish societal development formed by politics and historical events.

Swedish for Professionals

In today’s globalized world, people often have to step out of their bubbles whether they like it or not. There are a lot of opportunities linked to this development of increased connectivity. Complex problems such as “how do we reduce poverty on a global scale?”, “how do we combat climate change?”, “what do we have to think about when moving forward with AI?”  concern a wide range of stakeholders and it is important to truly understand both the systematics of the issue and the people involved in order to create solutions that work and last.

We need brainpower and creativity to solve these kinds of issues, and to find ways for humanity to prosper in the long-term. Seeing as us humans can achieve so much more in groups rather than as individuals, collaboration is and will be key for reaching this goal. And as these issues are global, as are many of the organizations operating in the economy, we have to improve our ability to work together with people from other cultures. 

Cross-cultural connectivity is basically about building bridges between people with different perspectives. This type of bridge-building is certainly not something that only occurs across cultures, but also within cultures. However, seeing as we are influenced by our context and cultures differ around the world, there are naturally some general differences between cultural groups.

Apart from the value of cross-cultural connectivity for problem-solving and innovation, it holds inherent value for people’s well-being. Just as social connectivity in general, it is about feeling connected and close to others. So, to simplify it – think about how you have successfully formed and kept relationships in life. I cannot answer for you but for me, a big part of it is about mutual respect and openness to the other person’s feelings and opinions. I have not experienced positive results in the cases where I have been stubborn and stood my ground, unwilling to take in new information on something I thought I was sure of or listening to how another person experiences my behavior. 

Swedish for Professionals offers cultural workshops with the aim of building and strengthening the bridges of cross-cultural connectivity. The workshop can be customized to the needs of the organization and include native Swedes and internationals, including interactive exercises based on cultural research, which prompts a lot of interesting discussions on culture, values, behaviors, etc.

So far, many of the workshop participants have enjoyed it and expressed that it provided them with new valuable insights. Hopefully, activities like this can help all of us to continuously burst our bubbles in order to evolve on a personal and professional level.

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