Swedish Culinary Traditions at Tennstopet

Recently, my boyfriend and I had the pleasure of dining at a restaurant called Tennstopet. Located in the heart of Vasastan, it’s just steps away from Odenplan subway station.

Tennstopet prides itself in serving timeless Swedish delicacies and culinary traditions. It’s a bit pricier than your average restaurant in Stockholm but the quality of the food is amazing. The meats are caught by Tennstopet’s very own hunting team. Produce is locally sourced and served only when in season. Not to mention, the restaurant’s décor and atmosphere makes you feel like you’ve entered Stockholm in the 1950s. Talk about an authentic Swedish experience!



Tennstopet’s Arctic Char

I was very excited to try some of my favourite Swedish foods at Tennstopet. Looking through the menu, I noticed Tennstopet serves some unique meats that can be hard to come by in Stockholm, like wild boar.

I played it pretty safe with my meal, and ordered the Potato Pancake with roe and smetana to start and the Arctic Char for my main. The char was cooked to perfection. It was served with pickled onions, hazlenuts and a delicious sauce that tied it all together beautifully.

My boyfriend was a bit more adventurous and ordered the Toast Skagen to start and the Wallenbergare for his main. Having never heard of a “Wallenbergare” before, I was eager to try it. It’s essentially a big meatball consisting of different game meats, served with mashed potatoes, peas and lingonberries – very delicious.

To finish off our dinner, we shared a delightful Meringue Suisse ice cream sundae.


Besides the food, the atmosphere is one of the things I love most about Tennstopet. The restaurant is located in an old, beautiful building in Vasastan and has a very old-fashioned feel to it. When you enter the restaurant, you’re first greeted by a doorman who takes your coat for you. On one side of the restaurant is a beautiful wood-paneled bar area with informal seating. On the other side is a more formal dining area, which is where we enjoyed our dinner.

tennstopet_melissa_dining room

The formal dining area at Tennstopet

The ambiance is classy yet cozy and intimate. The restaurant features unique 1950’s-inspired décor including classic paintings, traditional carpeting and drapery, along with dark wood accents. What better way to try traditional Swedish delicacies in a traditionally decorated restaurant?


The service at Tennstopet is excellent. The staff are friendly and professional, which enhances the dining experience. Our server in particular was very helpful describing some of the traditional Swedish dishes, and recommended some of her favourites for us to try.


All in all, if you’re looking to get a taste of traditional Swedish cuisine (and you have some wiggle room in your budget), I would definitely give Tennstopet a try. From the traditional décor and cozy atmosphere, to the delicious Swedish cuisine and knowledgable staff, you’ll most certainly get an authentic Swedish experience. It’s not hard to see why it’s one of my must-try restaurants for tourists in Stockholm.

For more information, or to book a table, visit Tennstopet’s website at http://www.tennstopet.se/en

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