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Today I’d like to talk about where to buy or sell items in/from Sweden online. The most popular sites used by all Swedes:


https://www.blocket.seBlocket. It is a huge platform where you can find absolutely everything: cars, clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes and cosmetics, pets, furniture, plants, food, machinery, textiles and much more. The site presents both private messages and stores’ products.
Also, Blocket operates as a bulletin board and the labour market.
Anyone can upload an ad on Blocket after a simple registration procedure. The only difficulty may arise with the language barrier, as the site exists only in Swedish, but it does not matter, because, in the age of advanced information technology, we can always resort to an online Google translator (or browser Google Chrome with automatic page translation from foreign languages).
Ads are kept on the site for two months, and then you can restart them again (of course, for an additional fee).
Examples of the fee for some things: cars – 125 SEK; clothing/shoes – 20 SEK; bags – 40 SEK; jewelry/watches – 40 SEK; toys – 20 SEK; etc.
For purchases on Blocket registration is not required.

Things that can not be sold on the site: weapons, black caviar, drugs, prohibited medicine, non-professional services (e.g., tattooing and all others requiring training), etc.


http://www.tradera.comTradera. It is the second most popular sales website in Sweden, where you can also find absolutely everything, but the concept is very different from Blocket – Tradera is an auction site. Despite the fact that some of the ads still have fixed prices, the bulk is an auction. Moreover, the starting price can be just 1 SEK.
All ads on Tradera are free to upload – the charge will be taken only in cases of successful sales. Usually, it is 10% of your product’s end price, but it should be more than 3 SEK, less than 150 SEK in total; for all the goods, which value exceeds 1500 SEK, the payment remains at 150 SEK per ad).


http://www.hemnet.se – Hemnet. It is the largest online property database in Sweden. Here you can find/buy a piece of land (Tomt), garden/forest (Gård/Skog), cottage (Villa), row house (Radhus), apartment (Bostadsrätt), summer house (Fritidshus), etc. throughout Sweden. In the search box, you can select the desired area, price, monthly cost, and location of the object. It is important to keep in mind that the house and the apartments will be sold empty, even though they look completely furnished on the photographs (only the bathroom and kitchen will remain as presented).
My favourite section of this site – Inspiration – the page where you can see ideas for interior design in minimalistic Scandinavian style, as well as fine examples of a landscape layout (Trädgård).


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