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Your guide to the city’s must-try sushi places
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Are you a sushi fan looking for Stockholm’s best sushi restaurants? Then you won’t be disappointed. The city is full of excellent sushi restaurants for all tastes and wallets, so whether you’re looking for Japanese luxury sushi or the more reasonable, casual neighborhood kind, here’s where to find it.

Last updated: October 5, 2023

When the first Japanese restaurant opened in Sweden in 1973, Swedes hardly knew what soya was. And we were even more clueless about sushi. What, raw fish for dinner! That has definitely changed. Today, sushi and the Japanese food culture are common in Swedish everyday food, and you’ll see plenty of sushi places wherever you go in Stockholm. These days, most of us know what wasabi and tamagoyaki are.

The Swedes – and the Stockholmers – have really embraced this traditional Japanese dish made of prepared vinegared rice accompanied by various ingredients, such as seafood and vegetables. And no wonder we love it; it tastes good, looks good, and it’s healthy.

Enjoy Stockholm’s best sushi restaurants

So, how do you find Stockholm’s best sushi restaurants? All areas of Stockholm are filled with sushi spots. Some of them are top-class Michelin star restaurants, and some of them are more friendly neighborhood places. To help you find the right sushi restaurant for you in Stockholm, we’ve selected some of the city’s top choices. Welcome to a Japanese culinary journey!


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Sushi Sho

This small Michelin guide restaurant is definitely worth visiting if you’re in the mood for a pleasant evening with some fancier high-quality sushi. They have raised the bar for sushi in Stockholm, and they use a lot of local fish such as Swedish tuna and mackerel. Apart from the delicious food, the restaurant offers paired sake to the menu. Book this place way in advance as the place is tiny and the spots are highly in demand. We would advise you to choose the bar seats to enjoy the beauty of preparing the dishes.

Upplandsgatan 45, Vasastan

Svenska Sushiköket

Svenska Sushiköket
Go to Midsommarkransen and Svenska Sushiköket for some of Stockholm’s best sushi
If you’re looking for excellent sushi – and perhaps Stockholm’s most affordable sushi kitchen – head to cozy Midsommarkransen south of the city. There you’ll find the popular Svenska Sushiköket, which for many years has been a favorite destination for Stockholmers who like Asian food. The restaurant’s keywords are service, care, and quality, so you can be sure that you’ll get professional and pleasant treatment, well-prepared food (the rice is the pride of the kitchen), and high-quality ingredients.

The menu offers a wide variety of sushi, maki rolls, ramen, and Asian street food, so you’re guaranteed to find something you like. Some of the customer favorites are Family Sushi with 34 pieces, Avocado, Geisha, Crab Deluxe, and Steamed Bao Buns. Eat in the cozy restaurant or order takeaway. And if someone in your party is hungry for something other than sushi, you don’t have to go far. The owners have built a small restaurant cluster around the park Svandammsparken and right next to Svenska Sushiköket are the sister restaurants Svenska Hamburgerköket and Svenska Pizzaköket.

Tellusborgsvägen 76, Midsommarkransen


Kasai Stockholm
Enjoy fantastic sushi and Japanese food in an exclusive setting at Kasai

How about world-class sushi in an exclusive environment with a top-notch vibe? If that sounds like your thing, you should book a table at Kasai, a Japanese fusion restaurant and cocktail bar in Östermalm with the city pulse just around the corner. Here you’re welcomed into a fabulous world where no two days are the same, and anything can happen. You, as a guest, are always at the center, and it’s a perfect place for both lunch, brunch, dinner, after work, and partying.

Sushi at Kasai is a luxurious dining experience with dishes prepared from quality ingredients. Besides sushi, the menu also includes sashimi, maki, nigiri, and gunkan. In other words, everything a sushi lover could ever wish for. If you want to complement the sushi with something else from the delicious Japanese cuisine, there are, among other things, izakaya, robata (grilled dishes), and omakase (the chef’s favorites). The drinks menu includes wine, beer, non-alcoholic, and sake. Look forward to a full evening with the greatest hits of Japanese food.

If you want to learn to become a sushi master at home, you can also book Kasai’s popular Sushi Sessions. For one hour, the restaurant’s skilled sushi chefs invite you to an adventure in the wonderful world of sushi. Learn how to cook the traditional Japanese favorite dish and then enjoy your creations. Guaranteed to be super fun and educational.

Linnégatan 18, Östermalm




Soyokaze is a family-run business in the northern parts of Vasastan and one of the absolute best sushi restaurants in Stockholm. They serve their sushi Omakase and the dishes are of high quality and beautifully presented. Omakase means “I leave it to you” in Japanese, and in practice, this means that the chef chooses the ingredients, dishes, and presentation.

The restaurant only has 12 seats, and the preset menu is quite expensive. This place is really worth the spending if you are looking for high-end sushi on a special night, but you can also visit the more affordable Soyokafe Vasastan (Soyokase is located in Soyokafe’s basement). They’ll have six seats available at the sushi bar (and more seats in the dining room) with an Omakase tasting menu at a more reasonable price with optional drinks pairing.

Sergelgatan 18, Norrmalm/City

Vanadis Sushi

Fine pizza Stockholm

All Burn – a 12 piece experience from Vanadis Sushi

Are you looking for delicious sushi or Japanese food in Vasastan? Then you should visit Vanadis Sushi. Here you’re served the great hits of the Japanese cuisine, and the focus is, as the name reveals, on sushi. You can order everything from a small seven-piece to a large family sushi with 30 pieces and also revel in a wide range of fresh maki rolls. Salmon, shrimp, tuna, maki, crab sticks, pilgrim scallops, and avocado – the menu has all your favorites.

If someone in your group isn’t hungry for sushi, Vanadis Sushi also offers several other good dishes such as yakitori, sashimi, poke bowl, dumplings, and bibimbap. The drinks menu includes wine, sake, and Japanese whiskey. Sit down and enjoy your food and drink in a relaxed and cozy environment with petrol blue velvet sofas, dark wood chairs, and atmospheric lanterns hanging from the ceiling. If you would rather enjoy your Japanese food at home, you can order takeaway or home delivery with services such as Foodora, Uber Eats, and Wolt.

Vanadisvägen 44, Vasastan

Raw Sushi and Grill

In one of Vasastan’s cozier streets for outdoor eating, Rörstrandsgatan, you can find this gem offering both sushi and other types of Japanese food. The restaurant has many regulars since its opening in 2003, and they come back for favorites such as Chirashizushi, Kumiawase, and the fried prawns with sweet chili. They also have excellent sashimi and skewers. Raw has also opened an additional spot at Skånegatan in Södermalm, called Raw Sushi & Bowl, where the focus lies on sushi, ramen, and poke bowls.

Rörstrandsgatan 9, Vasastan

Fine pizza Stockholm

ESA Sushi

Not far from Raw, in the corner of Torsgatan and St Eriksgatan, you might run into a queue of people waiting for another one of Stockholm’s best sushi offerings. Nicely decorated and even nicer in taste, the sushi at ESA Sushi is worth a gold star. It is also very affordable with a great price for 10 big pieces of their signature roll. The humble place is relatively small, but you can enjoy the food by ordering takeaway. Their toppings are really good and include, among many others, chili mayonnaise, pickled onion, and seaweed salad.

Torsgatan 45, Vasastan



MGL Sushi

MGL Sushi is a sushi restaurant chain with four locations in the Stockholm area: Odenplan, Liljeholmskajen, Annedal, and Ekerö. Here, carefully selected Nordic flavors meet the well-known Japanese dishes. And the result is lovely, to say the least – affordable fine sushi and creative Asian flavor combinations that delight both the taste buds and the eye. The satisfaction of their guests is clear. Both new and returning sushi lovers flock to the restaurants.

The menu is extensive, and MGL Sushi turns the best of the sea into delicious sushi varieties such as Sushi Moriewase, Vegetarian Sushi, Shake Sushi Nigiri, Sashimi Moriewase, and Temaki. There are also several Asian main dishes, such as gyoza, yakitori, yakiniku, and bibimbap. Plus, desserts and tasty side dishes. All are prepared with solid craftsmanship according to the rules of the art from fresh ingredients. Eat on-site, buy takeaway, or order home delivery with services like Foodora, Uber Eats, and Wolt.

4 addresses (click to see)
Upplandsgatan 38, Vasastan
Fredborgstorget 4, Liljeholmen
Pippi Långstrumps gata 22, Annedal
Bryggavägen 142, Ekerö

Hattori Sushi Devil

Centrally located at the end of Drottninggatan lies this popular sushi spot for lunch and dinner. The sushi is excellent, and both miso soup and green tea are generously included in the meal. The restaurant also gets a plus for the friendly staff. You can also find Hattori Sushi Devil in the food market K25 on Kungsgatan.

Drottninggatan 85, Norrmalm/City
Kungsgatan 25, Norrmalm/City

Blue Light Yokohama

​In Södermalm, Blue Light Yokohama offers Japanese soul food according to the seasons. They call themselves “Little Japan” and serve the dishes in a traditional izakaya way where you get a lot of small dishes served as soon as they are made. Their sushi dishes with scallop are a favorite among the guests, as well as their Spider tempura with soft shell crab.

The humble appearance of the restaurant is slightly underwhelming, but the dishes make up for it in both appearance and taste, making it one of Stockholm’s best sushi restaurants. A big positive is also their good gluten-friendly, vegetarian, and vegan alternatives.

Åsögatan 170, Södermalm

The best fine pizza in Stockholm


Another sushi spot worth a visit in the southern parts of Stockholm is Susherian. The dishes are Nikkei-inspired, meaning that they are based on Peruvian ingredients molded by Japanese techniques. At Sushierian, you are served the chef’s choice, which is always an exciting experience. The vegan options are also delicious.

Ölandsgatan 47, Södermalm

Find your favorite among Stockholm’s best sushi restaurants

There you have our guide to Stockholm’s best sushi restaurants. We hope you’ll find one or more you like, whether you’re too tired to cook on a Wednesday evening, out on a date with your love, or celebrating with good friends. Stockholm has a fantastic selection of restaurants where you can enjoy the Japanese culinary delicacies, so go out and find your favorite!

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