Sushi Sho!

A few weeks ago we had dinner at Sushi Sho, a small sushi restaurant that gained their first Michelin star this year! They serve the sushi Japanese style but with Swedish ingredients and always with sustainable and locally produced ingredients.

When we arrived we had sake as a warm-up drink outside and when everything was ready we were welcomed inside to sit down around the bar table.


You are placed around a bar table so that you can see the chefs in action

Since it is omakase the menu is set according to the chef’s choice, but it usually means 15 pieces of sushi and small dishes. You are served one dish at a time and everyone around the table is served in one round.


Sous-Vide style egg yolk, cooked for 1 hour in 64 degrees

The menu changes depending on season and supply and can vary from day to day. This evening we were offered among others herring, mackerel and scallop.  I really like the mix between Japanese and European ingredients. The herring nigiri was so tasty!


Grilled salmon nigiri

Our last piece was a maki cone with mackerel liver. If you get the chance to try this speciality, take it, because this one was really good!


Maki cone with mackerel liver and cucumber, delicious!

If you want to book I can strongly recommend you to check out The Fork. You have to book well in advance since it is really popular and they only have 14 seats. I booked this about one month ago through The Fork.
You can choose if you want to book a seat around the bar desk or in the couch beside it.


In collaboration with the Fork 

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