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Sushi in the park


Finally some heat, I’ve been longing like crazy for hot summer days like today. And finally I had some time to just chill in the park with some friends and do nothing but enjoy the lovely weather and the company of my friends.

We started our day sitting in the sun by the lake right behind Liljeholmen shopping mall and ended up having sushi from the Swedish Sushi Kitchen “Svenska Sushiköket” in Svandammsparken located only 3 minutes walking distance from the metro station Midsommarkransen. I was supposed to go to IKEA, I was supposed to clean etc but this was the kind of Sunday when you just have to let go of all your must do and should do and just be present and enjoy life.


Sushi in the park

Sushi in the park

It’s about time to put some makeup on and get dressed, meeting up with the girls in a bit for some nice music and dance. I hope I’ll see you on the dance floor tonight, I’ll be shaking my bum bum at Slakthuset, also called The roof top.

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