Sunshine and uteservering at Södermalm

Hola mis amigos, how are you all doing today in this beyond beautiful Saturday?
Let me guess…
You are outside soaking up all the sun rays, enjoying time with your loved ones, eating outdoors and so on, am I right?
What an even more beautiful and gorgeous town Stockholm becomes when the sun is up and shining. I still remember those freezing dark depressing mornings where I could barely gather up enough energy to get up, take a shower and go to work. Such a brutal contrast, it is really unbelievable!

Spring season is upon us with a surprising warmth that I did not experience last year, cherry blossoms floating in the air and every Swede and the rest of us living here couldn’t be more grateful. Please Stockholm, don’t ever go back to winter…

And with spring comes the uteservering (Swedish for outside serving, literally), meaning that a lot of restaurants are now allowed -by weather and law- to serve food outdoors. Who doesn’t like this? It feels just like heaven, I mean it.
Eating and drinking with your friends while enjoying the sunshine… Now that is what I call a good life!
And I am no stranger to that costume, putting aside the fact that I work long hours and many days a week.
You can always find time to enjoy yourself, at least for a while. And it is so worth it.

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Soaking up the sun after eating = Life

And so yesterday I went with a dear friend to Medborgarplatsen, right in the heart of the Södermalm district, to Babylon Restaurant, a classic spot in this area. I have visited them quite a few times and they never disappoint. They are, according to my understanding, famous for their omelettes prepared à la minute in the cool and French-looking open kitchen. When ordering, you can see the passionate and service staff hard at work and trying to provide a great experience. This is something that I will always appreciate and respect, the true passion.
Their menu ranges from several omelettes, salads, pasta dishes, sandwiches, classic dishes such as Fish N’ Chips, wines, beer, coffee and non-alcoholic beverages.

My friend ordered the spinach-filled tortellini in tomato sauce and I ordered -I’m sure you know me by now- an omelette with gruyère cheese, ham and tomatoes.
Both dishes were on point! I am not going to comment much on the pasta because it was a good dish, but nothing spectacular. The omelette though…
I might be biased because I absolutely love eggs, but it was delicious. Chunky, juicy and a bit greasy constitute great qualities for such a dish. And when combining that with the cheese that kind of melts as you eat, the freshness and acidity of the tomatoes bursting when you bite into them and the ham… Who doesn’t like ham?
Great flavors, I was very happy and I barely could finish it, it was massive.

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A great meal with a friend is priceless

Special mention to the service staff working at Babylon. They really stand out by always being kind and caring, smiling and genuinely trying their best so that we can enjoy a good dining experience. Thank you very much for that.

I hear they have a lobster omelette on their dinner menu, so you already know that I will come back very soon.

I want to wish you all a great Saturday my friends. Be happy, eat and make the best of today.
Ha det bra!

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