Sunday slow roast at Bistroteket

Bistroteket Söndags Långkok Jillian Mascarenhas

Being new(‘ish) parents, eating out isn’t something we’re able to manage as often as we used to, pre-baby. When RF, our little boy, was a newborn, he would happily snooze in his stroller or sling, making it easy for us to pop out for a fika or lunch. But longer evening meals, with a glass or two of wine for mamma and papà didn’t happen then (as we were sleep deprived) and doesn’t happen now (with an extremely active toddler that believes eating isn’t really eating unless he can fling food around a bit).

But then we had the opportunity to dine at Bistroteket, and after hearing about their weekly Sunday Långkok (slow roast) dinner, we jumped at the chance to re-enter the world of dining out as a family.

(It was also quite convenient that Sunday dinner begins at 16.00.)

So that’s how we ended up in a corner booth at Bistroteket in Södermalm last Sunday night. We were seated right in front of the window, which was perfect for RF, as he could happily announce each passing bus, car, truck, and motorcycle, as is his new hobby.

Bistroteket Söndags Långkok Jillian Mascarenhas

Bistroteket Söndags Långkok Jillian Mascarenhas

Our attentive waiter brought a highchair for him—and not the more standard, white plastic IKEA one found in most restaurants in Sweden, but a sleeker, black wooden one that perfectly matched the restaurant’s decor and helped us maintain that “adults out on the town” feeling. She also quickly brought me a glass of wine and R a glass of beer, which also kept that feeling going.

We began our meal with two starters: Löjromstoast (or, Bleak Roe Toast with smoked sour cream, pickled onions and browned butter on brioche) and Steak Tartar (with a truffel emulsion, fried capers, lemon, spring onions, parmesan cheese, hazelnuts and watercress). Luckily for us, only the Toast was baby-friendly, since the Steak Tartar was incredible (the hazelnuts sprinkled on top elevated it to another level of deliciousness) and we two were happy to not have to share.

And then came the Sunday Roast—a veal shank in a red wine sauce served with sweetened pearl onions, crispy fried kale, green beans, pickled Chioggia beets and mashed potatoes. It was overwhelming in its cozy and delectable presentation and filling and scrumptious in its taste. It was also entirely too much for 2 and a quarter people to eat, so we took the leftovers home with us for lunch the next day.

Bistroteket Söndags Långkok Jillian Mascarenhas

Bistroteket Söndags Långkok Jillian Mascarenhas

R finished off the meal with a more traditional espresso and a chocolate truffle, but for me, the girl that always has to order the most exotic/unexpected/unusual dessert off the menu, it had to be the juniper ice cream with rose hip cream, rose hip meringues, a sprinkling of cranberries and topped off with butter-fried oats. It was the perfect combination of fresh, light and crunchy to finish off my share of our hearty meal.

After the lovely experience we had dining at Bistroteket, from the welcoming service and the stylish interior to the tasty meal and excellent people-(well, transportation)watching from its corner vantage point in Södermalm, I’ve no doubt that we’ll be returning. Especially since we found out from the manager that Bistroteket’s Långkok (family friendly) Sunday dinners are held year-round.

Bistroteket—Jillian Mascarenhas

All photos by Jillian Mascarenhas.

Bondegatan 54
116 33 Stockholm
08-641 12 00

*Our meal (apart from our drinks and gratuity, which we covered) was provided by Bistroteket.

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