Summerburst Stockholm 2016

Not much to say about Summerburst except that it was epic. Attractions, dubstep, sunglasses and swag pretty much sums up the whole experience. I think this pic says it all 😉
13275180_1078442105512463_1233712304_oSince Mastercard handed out disposable rain coats on the rainy Friday, we could happily survive the festival without ruining the outfits and hair we spent way to much time on. Thanks to Swedish summer being on its top chilly mood, I kinda lost the ability to move my hand. However artists like Kygo, Mike Perry and Steve Angello heated us up with actual flames 😀20160610_225356Looks liks Hogwarts did the effects right? 😀

Confetti, firework and slideshow that actually left you with the same fuzzy astonished feeling as when you saw a Disney movie for the first time(never happens these days). Do you remember that?

And here is what the attraction looked like O_o20160610_213813I am a bit to old to mess up my entrails before shuffling, but you young people, please go ahead.
And finally, I was happy to see that the festival served food for everyone 🙂20160610_214346I tried the Oumph hamburger and I it had that special bbq smoke flavour that defines the summer. If you want to check out more pictures of Summerburst, you can check out Summerburst Instagram and also look at the Summerburst hashtag.20160610_230654A laser so green, I felt like fourteen,it was better than my first Summerburst.

Even with Steve Angellos confetti chaos ending, the thirst for more Summerburst is real.
Hence I will go to Weekend Festival Sweden, later in August. I mean it a real Dubstep summer season this year!

Here is the homepage(still no app though…). Oh, you don’t know what Weekend is? Just look at this video, the deep voice made it look like a superhero trailer with to much caffeine. Come on, you know you wanna see it 😉



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