Summer fika in Stockholm, from an ecological and sustainable approach

Good evening my dear Stockholmers. How did the summer treat you?
I gotta say that for me it was very nice -despite the crazy weather- because I got to discover many great eateries where I could sit outside and enjoy the occasional sun. In this spirit, I was very psyched to know that Restaurant Woodstockholm took over the kiosk at the Mosebacke square. Summer fika at its best!

I have been wanting to visit Woodstockholm ever since I discovered it existed. I’m planning on going soon, so I thought I could treat myself to their ecological and sustainable food approach. As you can see in the photos, the concept is very straight forward. Simple food of the highest quality possible beautifully presented. We eat with our eyes my friends, the first impression -glance if you will- we get of the food we receive is crucial for the whole experience.

The first time I ordered the cutest little tart with amazingly fresh berries on top, ice cream and tea. A mix and match of fika treats that, trust me, turned my palate into the definition of happiness.
The berries were outstanding, so fresh and full of flavor, picked at their prime. The ice cream, which they make in-house, was creamy and delicious. And the tea… The simple pleasure of drinking freshly brewed tea on a sunny day in Stockholm watching life go by while I stand still making yummy sounds, completely isolated in my food heaven.

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The second time I opted for a “heavier” option, a fika lunch of some sort. Again, simple yet delicious and presented with love and attention to detail. Tea, potato chips, bread and a creamy mixture of eggs and capers topped with greens and pickled red onions.
It is hard to convey how good it was when the food seems to be so simple. A chef I worked with once back in my Miami days told me “to make great food you only need great ingredients, that’s what makes the greatest chefs”. I knew this, but it somehow got stuck with me and along these past years where I’ve eaten in many parts of the world and seen and tasted so much pretentious food.
At Woodstockholm though, they got it right! Great chefs and seasonal ingredients of the highest quality can only make fantastic food. Tack så mycket for that.
fika, matblogg, foodblog, travelblog, foodstyling, restaurang, woodstockholm, Stockholm, Södermalm, foodphotography
I encourage you all to visit them and enjoy and appreciate food, while enjoying the last summer days.
Thanks again to all the staff at Woodstockholm, I have this feeling that we both share this crazy love and respect for food.

And to you my friends, thanks for reading me. Keep exploring, keep eating and holler at me if you discover a new great eatery in town.
Have a great Thursday.

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